How Anti-Snoring Devices such as Vitalsleep and Snorerx Help You Sleep Better


It is now news that snoring hampers sleep quality. It is also an unbearable sound for people around you. Research has taught us that bedmates of snorers are mostly affected by snoring. They report fatigue, red eyes, daytime tiredness, and pain symptoms.


However, snoring isn’t something that can be easily controlled. It isn’t something that the individual can just switch off at will. Snorers must find ways to stop their habit. This is because it has been linked to certain medical conditions. A typical example of such a situation is cardiovascular disease. And cardiovascular diseases are diseases that affect heart health.



Remedying snoring can be difficult, and this might need to be done surgically. However, there are dental devices like Vitalsleep vs. Snorerx that help you to sleep better. Examples of such devices are snorerx and vital sleep. These medical devices are easy to use, medically trusted, comfortably structured, and highly effective. These devices are designed for each individual and are excellent at combating sleep deprivation.

These gadgets are MAS (Mandibular Advancement Devices), and they are structured to be worn on the teeth during naps. The device improves sleep quality. Research also tells us that these devices help to curb sleep apnea.


How Can I Nap Better with Snorerx and Vitalsleep?

During naps, the muscles in the throat relax. You might believe this to be a good thing, but it is very wrong. When the throat muscles relax, your airways get partially blocked. And, because of the partial block, air moves over the relaxed tissues. This then allows those tissues to vibrate, and it’s the vibration that brings out that snoring sound we hear.

What Are the Benefits of Using Anti-Snoring Devices?

In short, snoring is a result of partial blocks in the airways. Snorerx and vitalsleep are excellent remedies to fix this condition. These tools are structured to project your jaw forward during naps. When this happens, the airways get open. This then promotes a peaceful and quiet nap.

They are Easy and Convenient

Snoring devices are straightforward and convenient to use. Although at the beginning they might feel strange, they quite comfy. And once you get used to them, it becomes effortless. All you have to do is wear them, and it’s a good night for you. The fact they are designed to fit your jaws makes them comfortable.

Also, after use, they are effortless to clean. They just need to be cleaned with water and a toothbrush. However, it is recommended that you occasionally soak them in warm water. The link here more on quick remedies to care for snoring.

They are Effective at Resolving Mild and Moderate Sleep Apnea

Did you know that snoring can lead to a medical condition called sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a condition whereby an individual stops breathing for a while when napping. If this condition is left unattended, it can become severe.


Snorerx and vitalsleep are great remedies for nap apnea. When worn, they encourage better breathing. This means that they can resolve mild to moderate cases.

As for the severe case of sleep apnea, a CPAP machine would be introduced. Bear in mind that not everyone can use a CPAP machine. It is why I recommend that you check with your health care provider before purchasing a CPAP machine.

They are portable

A remarkable benefit of these MAS devices is that they are portable. This means that they can move around with you whenever and wherever you need them. On the other hand, a CPAP machine isn’t easy to transport. In fact, they need their unique bag to be able to fit them in for movement. This guide here has more valuable details about how best to choose your device.

They are Usually Covered by an Insurance Company

Doctors prescribe snorerx and vitalsleep for patients with snoring problems. Also, they are prescribed to individuals suffering from sleep apnea. This means that anti-snoring appliances are a medical necessity. This is why these devices are covered by insurance companies.

They are Comfortable and Durable

These devices are created to fit any individual. They are adjustable if needed. This is to encourage comfortability. These devices do not require masks to be worn over the face. This is because the mask can sometimes alter nap quality.


They are also very durable. They tend to last very long, especially when properly cared for. Their materials encourage longevity. This is mainly because of their sturdy plastic, with a couple of metal parts.

They are Affordable

Regardless of the function they provide, anti-snoring devices are cheap and affordable. They can also be purchased in convenient locations.

They are Safe

MAS devices are not only cheap and affordable but safe as well. They are manufactured in dental facilities using medical equipment. They undergo series of tests before being fit for use. This process is done to provide quality and satisfaction to users.

They are Reliable

MAS devices are structured to fit the need of an individual. They are clinically tested and approved to improve the consumer’s nap quality. They are adjustable, so they can be tailored to fit any individual. They are easy to care for and maintain and can provide reliability for a long time.

How to Purchase Anti-Snoring Devices

Anti-Snoring Devices


Because MAS appliances are recommended by health providers, they are pretty easy to find. Ask your healthcare provider about the specific features of the machine. Also, find out the mouthpiece best suited for you. They most certainly can refer a provider and a unique mouthpiece that you will enjoy.

You can also search online to find providers of MAS appliances. Search for them online and visit their website. The website will show you the offerings they provide. This will enable you to make a better decision.

Take Away

Whether it be snorerx, vitalsleep, MAS’s are great snoring solutions. They are comfortable, convenient, portable, and durable. They are also affordable and easy to use.

The reviews of MAS appliances are great. It suggests that they work wonders, and they get the job done. Remember to shop from reputable sources when buying yours. This way, you get a good warranty, and you get a quality product.

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