6 Types Of Injuries Sportspersons Should Be Careful About


Though sportspersons take care of their health, perform workout sessions, some sports injuries can still not be avoided. When a sportsperson is playing, he concentrates more on the game and not on any other aspect. And if you are playing a sport, coming across injuries is common.


Knowing about these injuries is imperative to avoid them. Let’s take a look at the type of injuries that most commonly sports people come across.

1.Muscle pull

Muscle pull is a common injury that can happen to a sportsperson at any time. Small tears often lead to a strain when muscle exceeds the tensile load or is stretched too far. Most importantly, it happens due to inadequate warm exercises, lack of flexibility, muscle fatigue, muscle weakness, etc. The symptoms you will see if you encounter muscle pull are inflammation, soreness, redness, and weakness.

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2.Lower back pain


Most commonly, lower back pain affects cyclists, runners, tennis, baseball, and golfers. Some types of lower back pain are stress fractures, sciatica, bulging discs, back spasms. Poor preparation, weakness, improper training sessions are common reasons leading to lower back pain. Runners can come across lower back pain due to the slightest discrepancy in the leg length.

3.Shin splints

It is a scientific term for shin pain, popularly known as “Medial Tibial Stress syndrome (MTTS)”. It happens due to attachments of shin bone and inflammation of the muscles. Usually, the cause of this is when a sports person increases the workout session abruptly from the normal one. Some of the other reasons leading to this issue are wearing worn-out shoes, running or jumping on hard ground. The common symptoms of shin splints are occasional swelling, pain in that area, soreness, etc.

4.Shoulder impingement

Sports requiring overhead movements can result in shoulder impingement. This injury is mostly common in weightlifting, tennis, swimming, baseball, volleyball, etc. Due to the overuse of the shoulder, you can experience strain in the rotator cuff. Excessive pressure is also one of the reasons leading to shoulder impingement. The symptoms you would most commonly experience are weakness, pain, stiffness in the entire shoulder area, etc.

5.Tennis elbow

When your forearm is used excessively, you will come across this issue. The forearm is responsible for pulling the wrist back, and excessive use of the foreman tendons present in the elbow region results in acute pain.

6.Runner’s knee

Around 55% of sportspersons face runner’s knee injury, including volleyball, cyclist, and football players. Muscle group tightness, weak quadriceps, imbalances around the knee, worn or incorrect shoes, overtraining are some of the reasons leading to the runner’s knee. The symptoms you face here are knee pain while sitting for a prolonged time, swelling near the knee area, etc.

Final thoughts!

Well, the above sports injuries are a few, whereas there are many more. Whenever you come across sports injuries, get in touch with the doctor. Do not depend on home medication as it can worsen your situation. Hopefully, this article will be a lot helpful for you!


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