Health Benefits Of Lemon


Lemon is one of the most popular fruits used for a variety of purposes. Used in a combination of herbs and spices, lemons are known to have a lot of beneficial effects. If you are interested in knowing the health benefits of Lemon, we would advise you to read on to get a better understanding of the topic.


Health Benefits of Lemon – A Comprehensive list

A good source of Vitamin C, Lemon gives a unique taste to salads, drinks, desserts and a whole of dishes. It has been known to be one of the best cures for a disease called Scurvy.

health benefits of lemon


Without going into much ado, let us examine the benefits of lemons in a finer detail.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Lemon can control blood pressure. The lemon juice is known to have good benefits in people with heart ailments. Drinking fresh lemon juice has beneficial effects as it reduces blood pressure and gives a sense of calmness. One of the most common benefits of lemon water are found in cases of depression and stress. The potassium in the lemon juice is known to be the major cause of the relief it offers from relieving depression and other feelings like nausea and dizziness.



Lemon acts as a natural remedy for indigestion and constipation. The medicinal value of lemon manifests itself in it being a blood purifying agent and a cleansing agent. A fresh lemon drink that contains lemon juice, cold water, soda and sugar can act as a best option for indigestion. A few mint leaves and fennel seeds can add a little more flavor to the drink.

Improved Immune System

High degree of Vitamin C in lemons helps you get a strengthened immune system. Medicinal value of lemon include fighting against the germs that cause cold and flu. If you are in a profession that demands extreme physical activity, lemon water in the morning can be beneficial. Drinking a lemon drink made of a whole lemon squeezed into a glass of hot water with a spoonful of honey makes it a good option against cold.

A Good Dental Doctor

Yes, Lemon can be a good doctor against the issues you may be facing with respect to your teeth. Applying fresh lemon juice every day to the area affected by a toothache can help you get rid of the pain associated with a toothache. Massaging the gums with the lemon juice can also relieve you of gum bleeding. Moreover, brushing your teeth with a paste that contains lemon would be one of the good options. You may also add a couple of lemon juice drops to your regular toothpaste as well. It has been observed that people who brush their teeth with the peel of the lemons have reported good dental health, thus proving the goodness of lemon.

Skin Care

Yet another advantage that Lemons are associated with can be felt with the lemon effect on body. Lemon is a natural antiseptic and thus can help you cure symptoms like sunburns. In fact, lemon juice has been observed to provide relief from bee stings as well. If you are suffering from any skin diseases like eczema and acne. The medicinal properties of lemon juice are known to work as anti-aging remedies, by helping you get rid of blackheads and wrinkles. It can be the best anti wrinkle formula you can opt for.

Asthma Prevention

Vitamin C can be considered to be one of the efficient agents to lower the risk of Asthma. By virtue of being one of the major providers of Vitamin C, Lemon can help you stay safe from Asthma. In fact, drinking lemon juice daily can offer a sufficient quantity of vitamin C to your body. Though the finding needs to be researched further for a profound indication, the studies have found that the lemon can be helpful in asthma patients, especially when they have a cold.


Weightloss and Fitness

If you feel you have been getting too obese, lemon can be your savior. It helps you get back in shape. Lemon phenols are known to help you lose weight. It should be noted that lemon phenol is present in the lemon peels. Benefits of lemon juice in warm water include the help it provides in reducing your body weight. Studies conducted on rodents have proved that lemon, especially the lemon peels can help you fight against obesity.

Before We Conclude

Lemon is known to have a host of medicinal properties. However, we have compiled just a few of the benefits of lemon in this concise guide to a better health. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it also helps you treat respiratory disorders. Varied types of respiratory syndromes like asthma or sinus can be relieved if you make it a habit to use lemons regularly. It can also be used to treat corns or the lumps in the skin.

Being blessed with its own antiseptic and medicinal properties, lemon has a host of health benefits. However, do note that the heavy usage of lemons can have adverse effects on your health. As you might have found out by now, lemons have high acid content. Uncontrolled use can cause mouth ulcers or a burning sensation which can further give rise complications. It can also cause symptoms like heartburn in some extreme cases. In any case, develop a habit of consuming this wonderful citrus fruit – around a quarter to half piece per day – so that you can reap the benefits of the Lemons and gain from the health benefits it provides.

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