Fake Big Chief Carts: How to Identify


Counterfeit vape cartridges are everywhere nowadays. And popular brands like Big Chief see some of the worst knockoffs. I mean c’mon, have you seen how good their packaging looks? Of course, scammers will try copying it!


But playing Russian roulette with these fake carts can seriously mess up your lungs. That “Big Chief” logo doesn’t mean squat if the oil inside has vitamin E or other junk that burns hot.

I’m all for saving money on weed, but saving a quick buck isn’t worth a hospital bill down the road.

How to Spot Fake Big Chief Carts?

Fake Big Chief Carts

How to Spot Fake Big Chief Carts

So how do we avoid the fakes and enjoy authentic Big Chief carts safely? Gotta educate ourselves so we don’t get duped.

Spotting tiny details on the packaging, checking for license numbers, and scanning codes to compare test results. It’s annoying work, for real. But so is coughing up a lung or spending weeks feeling nauseous over some bootleg vape juice.


At the end of the day, we vote with our wallets. Fakes only exist because too many folks buy on the cheap from shady dealers.

So let’s look into those details and make our next vape purchase an informed one.

Our health is too important, ya feel me?

About The Popularity And Proliferation Of Fake Big Chief Carts

Background on Big Chief Carts and Their Popularity

  • Big Chief is a relatively new brand but has quickly gained a loyal following for its high-quality oil and potent THC levels.
  • Known for its distinctive packaging and unique flavors like Lemon Haze and Grapefruit Punch.
  • Only sold legally within states with recreational cannabis laws.

Reasons Behind the Rising Popularity of Fake Big Chief Carts

Fake Big Chief carts have flooded the underground market due to:

  • High demand for the real product coupled with a lack of widespread legal access.
  • Significant profit potential from cheaper production costs.
  • Ease of copying simpler vape cartridges and packaging designs.
  • Difficult for average consumers to visually distinguish fakes.

Ways That Counterfeit Carts Are Produced and Sold

Fake carts are manufactured and sold illicitly through:

  • Reverse engineering and replicating hardware, software, and packaging from real Big Chief carts
  • Assembling carts from cheap, low-grade parts
  • Moving inventory of fake carts through illegal online shops or dealers on social media and e-commerce platforms

Counterfeits may use fake verification codes, batch IDs, or labels to seem legitimate. However unregulated distributors should always be verified.

Potential Health Risks From Using Fake Big Chief Carts

Hazardous Chemicals Found in Fake Carts

  • Propylene glycol (PG) and vitamin E acetate: Can cause respiratory inflammation
  • Unlabeled cutting agents like glycerin oil: Introduce toxins when heated and inhaled
  • Synthetic cannabinoids: Unpredictable, dangerous effects

Health Risks Linked to Fake Big Chief Carts

Using counterfeit vape cartridges has been associated with:

  • ✓ Severe lung injury, chest pain
  • ✓ Migraines, dizziness, nausea
  • ✓ Exposure to heavy metals like lead
  • ✓ Addiction and withdrawal symptoms from unknown substances

These risks are avoidable by identifying and using only genuine, lab-tested products.

Experiences Reported After Switching From Real to Fake Big Chief Carts

Those who have used real Big Chief carts, then changed to counterfeits have commonly reported:

  • Headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath.
  • Persistent coughing, and wheezing.
  • Decreased potency and vapor quality.
  • Symptoms disappear after switching back to authentic carts.

This indicates fake cartridges introduce health hazards not seen with genuine products.


Identifying Genuine Big Chief Carts From Their Counterfeit Copies

Signs of a Fake Big Chief Cart

  • ✗ Cheap prices well below MSRP
  • ✗ No license agreement or verification on packaging
    ✗ Errors in writing or low-resolution design
  • ✗ Sketchy online vendor or social media seller

Ways to Verify Authenticity

  • ➢ Check the label for license agreement guaranteeing legitimacy
  • ➢ Enter cartridge ID code into Big Chief’s official verification system
  • ➢ Scan the QR verification code & ensure it links to licensed dispo/lab test results
    ➢ Contact Big Chief’s customer service for authentication confirmation

Additional Ways to Spot Fakes During Purchase and Inspection

  • Compare Between Real and Fake Big Chief Carts
Genuine Fake
Price $45-60 Often <$30-$40
Packaging & Labeling High-quality, crisp & clear design Low-quality, errors, blurry
Hardware Branded hardware, smooth mouthpiece Unbranded, defective
Oil Clarity & Viscosity Clear yellow, thick consistency Dark, thin, moves fast
Effects Smooth, consistently potent Harsh, chest pain, nausea
  • Inspect carefully: Fake carts often skip small authenticity details like wax seals, and neatly printed batch IDs.
  • Ask for receipts: A legitimate dispensary should provide receipts showing the supplier chain.

Online Resources to Check Reliability of Sellers

  • Search the brand’s official website for tips.
  • Check third-party platforms like Reddit or forums for user reviews.
  • Look up the seller’s license status in directories like WeedMaps.

Following these guidelines when purchasing THC cartridges can help consumers avoid the serious health issues posed by knockoff brands. Seek carts only from reputable, regulated sources.

Legal And Regulatory Actions Against Fake Cartridges

Major U.S. Laws and Penalties Against Counterfeits:

  • Trafficking counterfeits violates federal laws like the Lanham Act
    • Penalties include 5+ years in prison, seizures up to $5 million
  • Selling mislabeled carts breaks state consumer protection laws
    • Violations incur fines up to $25,000, license revocation

Limitations & Challenges Facing Enforcement

However, there are barriers regulators face in stopping counterfeit sales:

  • Hard to prosecute illegal online sellers located abroad
  • Lawsuits challenging IP rights are expensive for brands
  • Require significant agency resources for seizures & investigations
  • Illicit dealers continue manufacturing despite crackdowns

Role of Law Enforcement & Regulations

But increased enforcement efforts have led to progress through:

  • ➡ The DEA & FBI shutting down illegal delivery services, extracts labs
  • ➡ Customs inspections catching large shipments of fake carts at borders
  • ➡ States implementing license scans, and product tracking from seed to sale
  • ➡ Agency task forces monitoring social media and online marketplaces

While the illicit market adapts quickly, legal loopholes continue being closed off through legislation. Regulators also work directly with brands like Big Chief to identify counterfeit operations and build tighter controls on legal supply chains.



  • Q: What health conditions are caused by fake Big Chief carts?

Fake carts can cause lung damage, chest/breathing issues, migraines, nausea, and even exposure to heavy metals. The risks come from additives like vitamin E oil and unknown synthesized chemicals.

  • Q: How can I tell if a Big Chief cartridge is counterfeit or authentic?

Ways to spot a fake cart include incorrect branding, low-quality hardware parts, and oil that moves fast and isn’t viscous. Check for license agreements, lab tests, and verification codes. Authenticate directly with Big Chief’s team.

  • Q: Why do people make fake vape cartridges?

The illicit market fills the demand for affordable THC carts. Fakes also piggyback the reputation of brands like Big Chief but contain different oils that maximize profits.

  • Q: Is it legal to buy Big Chief Carts online?

Within states allowing recreational cannabis, it’s legal to buy authentic Big Chief products online from licensed dispensaries only. Federal law prohibits mailing vapes across state lines or buying from unverified websites.

  • Q: Can fake carts be returned for a refund?

Most illicit sellers don’t allow returns or refunds for counterfeit products. This highlights the need to buy carts in person from reputable shops you can hold accountable. Don’t trust random online vendors.

  • Q: How can I report a website selling fake Big Chief carts?

If you come across a website you suspect of selling counterfeit cartridges, you can report them directly to Big Chief’s customer support team via email or on their contact page. Provide any screenshots and details about the suspicious site.

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With cannabis extract vapes rising in popularity, the market is flooded with fake cartridges making bold claims to mimic top brands.


Unfortunately, the risks posed by imposters with unknown chemical additives can be severe. Protect yourself by learning how to verify authentic products through trusted retailers only.

The team behind Big Chief takes pride in its name and reputation. By reporting counterfeit sellers as we come across them, and making wise purchases ourselves, we can vote with our wallets.

When supply follows educated demand, it incentivizes licensed producers to keep improving safety and quality standards industry-wide.

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