6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Orthodontics


Orthodontics is a great way to fix any problems with your teeth. Orthodontists specialise in correcting the alignment of teeth and jaws and other dental problems. Many orthodontics Sydney treatments are available, but not everyone knows what they are or how they work. This blog post will share six interesting facts about orthodontics that you may not know.




1. In the year 1900, orthodontics became the first dental speciality

The very first orthodontist, Edward H. Angle, founded the thing and ensured that only qualified individuals could practice in this area of dentistry as he established what is now known as American Association Orthodontists, which admits just one member per state or territory. So, if you live here, then chances are reasonable.

2. Teeth shift because of pressure over time

With an increased amount of pressure comes beneficial effects, but there are also harmful ones. For example, thumb-sucking and teeth pushing out place can be caused by unnatural habits like this, which generate a lot more damaging than regular forces on our bodies because they are constantly happening instead in just certain moments when we decide to do something terrible or nice to them while eating food for example.

3. Orthodontic therapy is a specialised service

A toothbrush isn’t just a product. It’s the dental equivalent of an intricate surgical tool. The type used to clean and move teeth around in our mouths does not come with one size fits all answer for every situation. Instead, each has its unique uses depending on what kind you’re trying to accomplish – like sawing wood or cutting apples.


4. Teeth can migrate because bone breaks down and rebuilds

Individuals who have a healthy diet and exercise routine may experience less bone loss as they age. This is because cells in our body called “osteoclasts” break down bone, while rebuilder known as osteoblast act to form new minerals from old ones to be remodelled into useful products like ash or calcium phosphate strong joints.

5. Braces made of gold were popular around 1900

Gold is an excellent material for orthodontic treatment because it’s malleable and stretch. Gold’s tendency to stretch, combined with the frequent adjustments required by this type of treatment plan, makes it clear why patients had often seen their dentist for progress updates, especially since others were watching over them throughout all stages.

6. Crooked teeth have existed for millennia

We can trace crooked teeth back to prehistoric times when humans were still cave dwellers. The Egyptians would use crude metal bands wrapped around their victims’ pearly whites to correct various jaw problems and ailments; this was happening as far back as 400 BCE*–or nearly two thousand years ago.

To Conclude

Straightening your teeth may seem like a simple task, but it’s not. If you’re wondering how to get braces or if they are even worth the expense for yourself and others, might also want some information on orthodontics before making their final decisions- read this blog post!

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