Essential Items Every Healthcare Professional Should Have For Their Work


Just like soldiers who can’t go to war without a gun or any weapon, health workers shouldn’t go to their shifts empty-handed. This is because your patient’s (and yours, especially these days) life may be at stake. If you’re a newbie in the field, here are some essential items you need to take note of and have with you at all times.


Healthcare Professional



Also known as personal protective equipment, PPEs are one of the first items you need to secure before you start your shift, especially these days as we face a pandemic. Aside from the COVID-19, there are also other diseases that you can contract as you talk or examine the patients. That said, you’ll need something to wear that will protect you – and that is your PPE.

For your PPE, you should have surgical masks, gloves, gowns, aprons, goggles, glasses, face shields, and particulate filter respirators. If you’re tasked to assist COVID patients, health specialists from suggest that you wear double masks. So, aside from surgical masks, you should also wear N95 masks.

However, note that wearing layers of PPE can be a bit uncomfortable. So, it’s understandable how you might feel tempted to take it off in the middle of your shift. But, you have to endure it for your protection.



As a healthcare professional, expect that you will be taking notes constantly, writing, or documenting your patients’ status during your shift. Thus, you’ll need a pen wherever you go. Ideally, go for a pen that feels good to use and writes well, so the patient or your colleagues will be able to see and read it well.

Some pens also come with useful features, such as LED flashlights. This will come in handy, especially if you’re on a night shift and you need to take notes or read instructions while in a dark room. You can also use it as a diagnostic tool to check on a patient’s eyes or veins.



You’ll also be handling numerous documents. A clipboard, however, will make it easier to organize them. It’s also easier to bring them anywhere you go while you’re in your shift.

The best part of it is that it can also help you carry other things as many clipboards these days come with various features too. Some even have pockets that let you store a few snacks, which will come in handy during your shift.


Bandage Scissors

Some healthcare workers like nurses are tasked to change dressings during their shift. For that reason, you should also bring a pair of bandage scissors (which is rounded, adjustable, and is curved for cutting bandages close to the skin) with you too as normal ones just’ don’t do well with cutting bandages.

Life and death depend on your hands as a healthcare worker in most situations. That said, it’s important you never go into your shift without bringing the essentials that may help you during your shift to help more lives and become more productive.

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