What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Detox Program


Getting clean and sober takes courage and bravery. It is by far one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. With that said, it can also be very challenging. Early sobriety is a difficult time to get through—both mentally and physically.


What some people don’t realize when they make the decision to quit is the support they will need. They try to do it on their own and then fail. A major reason those suffering from addiction relapse is due to withdrawal during the detox phase. It can be unbearable, which can make quitting impossible.

If you have made the decision to live a life of sobriety, make sure you seek help. Trying to stop using on your own can be extremely difficult and even dangerous. It’s highly recommended that you consider enrolling in a drug and/or alcohol detox program like Future Now Detox when you get sober.

Future Now Detox provides patients with the opportunity to detox safely, while also receiving the therapy they need to overcome their addiction. If you are having trouble quitting drug and/or alcohol use, contact Future Now Detox.

What is Drug and Alcohol Detoxification?

Drug and alcohol detox (detoxification) is the process of the body ridding itself of the toxins caused by drugs and alcohol. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. For some, the process is pretty simple and straightforward. For most (especially those addicted to “harder” drugs), it can be extremely difficult.


Drug and alcohol detox comes with withdrawal symptoms. Some are mild, but others are life-threatening. This is especially so for alcohol detox and certain drugs. It’s extremely important to check into a drug and alcohol detoxification facility when stopping the use of these substances. How your body reacts to stopping the use of these substances is unpredictable, and you’ll want to be surrounded by a staff of addiction specialists and medical professionals when withdrawals kick in. Your safety is extremely important. Check into a facility that specializes in drug and alcohol detox when you decide to get sober.

Substances That Require Medical Detox

There are a variety of different substances that require medical detoxification services for the safety of the patient. Below are some of the substances that require medical detox services.


Often people don’t realize they have a drinking problem because it is legal and socially acceptable. It isn’t until they hit “rock bottom” that they realize alcohol is having a negative impact on their life. When they go to quit, though, they are met with severe withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol is one of the most difficult substances to quit, and it requires the assistance of medical detox. Withdrawal from alcohol can be deadly! Check into a facility when quitting the use of alcohol.


Other substances that require a medical detox include:

  • Heroin
  • Methadone
  • Benzos
  • Xanax
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Oxycodone

Drugs are dangerous to withdraw from without medical support. Check into Future Now Detox when you are ready to seek help for your addiction.


What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

There are likely a lot of drug and alcohol detox facilities in your area to choose from. Making the decision of what facility is right for you can be difficult. Below are a few things you should consider when choosing the right drug and alcohol detox facility for you:

  • A staff that cares about your success. One of the most important aspects of a detox center you’ll want to consider is the staff. It’s important to find a facility that cares about the success of their patients. At Future Now, you aren’t just another number. We care about the success of each and every one of our patients. From the admissions team to our drug treatment specialists and everyone in between, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.
  • Comprehensive treatment. Drug and alcohol treatment isn’t just one thing. As it’s a complex disease, so is the treatment. There are many variables that need to be addressed, including the body, mind, and spirit. The right detox facility will not only provide physical detox services but also therapies that help to overcome cravings and encourage lifelong changes.
  • Community. Community is one of the most powerful tools for overcoming addiction. That’s why there are thousands of support groups around the world that focus on overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. At Future Now Detox, we encourage our patients to form a sense of community through our group therapy sessions. Community helps with accountability and hope. It’s important for those suffering from addiction to connect with their peers and share their common experiences. No one should feel alone in recovery!
  • Skill development. Developing skills raises the self-esteem of a patient, which is extremely important during early sobriety. It can be easy to focus on the negative when getting sober. Skill development provides patients with a sense of mastery and pride. It also keeps patients occupied, which is more important than most people think. Early sobriety can feel boring for patients, but it doesn’t have to be! With activities like art therapy, patients can have fun, relieve their stress, and build up their self-esteem.
  • Insurance coverage. Certain facilities will take certain plans where others won’t. If you have insurance, you’ll want to speak with the admissions team to see if your insurance is covered. If it isn’t, you may need to pay out-of-pocket or consider a facility that takes your insurance.

Therapies Offered at Future Now

At Future Now Detox, we focus on a multifaceted treatment approach for our patients. Addiction takes many forms and shows itself in many ways. It’s important for treatment to reflect this. Below are the therapeutic services offered by Future Now:

  • Mental Health Therapy. Mental health is one of the cornerstones of recovery. People often don’t realize that addiction is a disease both of the mind and the body. Addiction also often coincides with other mental health issues. This is known as “dual diagnosis.” Our approach focuses on mental health therapy to address the emotional and mental health issues that arise in early sobriety. It’s important for patients to feel safe and heard. With mental health therapy, patients can express themselves and work through the issues that led to their addiction in the first place.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic method that focuses on identifying unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns. Once these patterns are found, they can be addressed. With CBT, patients form healthy thought and behavior patterns to replace the negative ones that have led to distress.
  • Art Therapy. Art therapy allows patients to unwind and express themselves. It also creates a sense of mastery through the building of a new skill. It’s common for patients to feel a lack of self-esteem early on in sobriety. Art therapy helps with building their self-esteem back up. Art therapy is also fun for patients. Many patients find early sobriety dull. They are used to using drugs and alcohol to have a good time. Art therapy provides them with a fun outlet that is safe and free of drugs and alcohol.
  • Meditation Therapy. Mindfulness is an extremely powerful tool. It allows us to focus on the present moment and not the past or future. For many patients, the past and future are distressing. Meditation allows them to escape this distress and focus on the now. Meditation is calming and encourages a sense of serenity during a difficult time. It’s also a tool that can be used beyond early sobriety. Everyone benefits from meditation!
  • Group Therapy. Community is an important part of early recovery. At Future Now Detox, we offer group therapy as a way for patients to relate and form strong bonds. Group therapy allows patients to process their feelings and emotions surrounded by others that are going through similar struggles. This helps a lot with accountability and not feeling alone.

Our approach is built around care and compassion. We want to ensure our patients have all the tools they need to succeed once they graduate from our program. Everyone deserves a sober, happy life.

About Future Now Detox

Future Now Detox is a facility that offers hope and support for those in early recovery. We provide outstanding detox services that keep our patients safe when they are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Detoxification can be very dangerous, which is why Future Now Detox is staffed by top medical professionals. We also offer therapeutic methods intended to not only help patients with early sobriety but also throughout their entire lives.

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If you are considering seeking help for your addiction, reach out to Future Now Detox today. Our admissions team will discuss our program with you and help you to start your journey of recovery.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve long-term sobriety. It all starts with the first step—seeking help. We are here to help!

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