Domestic Violence – What to Do if You are Accused


According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, about 20 people in the US experience domestic violence every minute. This means that almost 10 million people experience abuse from their intimate partners yearly.


What can you do about such charges? Fortunately, you can do something about it. But before we get to that, let’s examine what defines domestic violence and some signs indicating the crime.

What are Domestic Violence and its Signs?

Physical abuse is not the only sign of domestic violence. Emotional harassment, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse all fall under domestic violence. In Arizona, domestic violence means mental, physical, verbal, or any other type of violence against a child, a former spouse, or a current one.

Emotional Abuse Signs

One sure sign of emotional abuse is fear. If the accused is guilty, their victims may show fear. Fear results from the abuse, especially if the victim cannot be vocal about the abuse.

Here are some signs that show emotional abuse:

  • Sudden low esteem
  • Suicide attempt
  • Loss of interest in their once-favorite activities
  • New meek behavior
  • A once-social person wants solitude

Physical Signs

Physical abuse is the most common of domestic violence cases. Physical abuse involves an abuser hitting and beating up their victim.

The victim can provide evidence of physical by showing these signs;

  • Black eye/eyes
  • Neck marks (red or purple)
  • Bruised arms
  • Busted lips
  • A new drug problem
  • Sprained wrists

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse cases are not so popular because the victims may not notice them yet. However, the state of Arizona recognizes financial abuse as a form of domestic violence, and you may be charged with domestic violence.

Here are some sure signs and evidence that you may have committed financial abuse on your spouse or someone else you are domestically related to:

  • Subtly forcing them to give control over their money
  • Forcing someone to withdraw cash or borrow loans in their name
  • Including your name in their accounts
  • Forcing the victim to show how they spent their money
  • Moving benefits to an account, the victim has no access to
  • Stopping them from accessing their bank accounts, credit card accounts, or loans.

What to Do if You Face Domestic Violence Charges

These are some signs a court in Arizona might look for when someone is accused of domestic violence. The prosecution team must prove that you committed the crime of domestic violence.


If you’re accused of domestic violence, the first action you need to take is to find a domestic violence lawyer in Phoenix or wherever you’re located. The lawyer will examine your case and try to find possible weaknesses. The evidence must show that you were involved domestically with the apparent victim.

Some of the defenses your lawyer might use to fight the charges include:

  • Lack of enough evidence
  • Self-defense
  • Mistaken identity
  • Forced confessions
  • Entrapment, among others.

A domestic violence lawyer may not guarantee the results, but they can request that the state court dismisses your case. The lawyer can also fight for reduced charges and lower sentences or request bail.

Apart from getting a lawyer, here’s what you can further do;

  • You may need to understand the charges against you and the potential consequences of domestic violence in Arizona.
  • Follow any court orders or protective orders issued against you. You must also cooperate with law enforcement and the court system throughout the legal process.
  • Refrain from contacting the alleged victim and avoid any behavior perceived as threatening or intimidating.
  • Be honest with your attorney and provide them with all relevant information to help build your defense.
  • Attend all scheduled court hearings and follow any instructions or requirements from the court.
  • If there’s enough evidence, the lawyer may also remove the evidence if it is inconsistent with the legal regulations, procedures, and standards.

Facing domestic violence charges could cause havoc in your life. You may face limited job opportunities, negative background checks, or being forced to move places. Consider seeking help before things get out of hand, and if they do, contact the relevant authorities.


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