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A missing tooth might make you conscious while talking or smiling. It’s just never comfortable as having a complete set of teeth and never worrying about them falling when you’re eating at your favorite restaurants. Some are anxious about how others perceive them, and others find out that the gaps will make them less confident. Read more facts about the gaps on this post.


Overall, when you have a gap between your teeth, it’s best to look for the best treatments to address this issue. Consult a dental clinic in Dallas for a more personalized procedure that fits your budget and overall oral health. With this said, here are other reasons why you should consider implants and why you should know about their unmatched benefits.

Dental Implants


Reasons Why You Should Consider Implants

1. They Feel Like the Natural Teeth

These cosmetic treatments will not only look like you have a complete set of teeth, but they will feel like you have a natural one embedded into your jawbone. After the healing process, patients have run their tongues over the tooth, feeling more natural and normal. These won’t get cavities, but you still need to floss and brush them to prevent decay in adjacent teeth.

However, unlike the dentures where you need to soak them in a glass in the evenings, and you need adhesives, these will stay in your mouth for a very long time. Since they are not prone to decay, you don’t need to do any root canal work or cavity fillings on them. Many patients even forgot that they have implants in place!


2. These Artificial Teeth Looks Like the Same as the Natural Ones

You might often find that some of these artificial implants look the same as the natural ones. Expert dental care providers may recommend you to get a dental implant because of its more permanent nature. You can easily smile and eat with confidence, and this is life-changing for some people. Happier patients can smile more, and it’s not apparent that they have gotten an implant in the first place.

3. Long-Lasting and Durable

The success rates for this procedure ranges from 95% to 99%. With the right clinic in Dallas, the experts will use a tested and proven system that will feel that the procedure is a breeze. These artificial teeth will stay in place for a very long time, and they can even last for a lifetime.

As long as you have a strong jawbone and excellent oral hygiene, you can expect the tooth to hold its place, and there will be no falling out involved. Frequent check-ups and visits to the dentist can ensure the durability of your new titanium-based tooth, and there’s no reason for it to fall out because of its secure foundation.

4. Prevents Bone Loss

Dental Implant

When the tooth is not replaced in a particular area, there’s a chance that you might experience bone loss. This commonly happens in extractions where you don’t replace the tooth with dentures or implants. While the jawbone might not dissolve immediately, this is something that you should watch out for because your face and jawline change over time.


The overall impact of bone loss will be more drastic if you’ve lost a lot of teeth in the past. If anyone in the family has been wearing a denture for years, you may want to check their picture when they still have complete teeth compared to today. You’ll see a vast difference in their facial features immediately.

A single tooth can lead to bone loss, where implants can fix and prevent this from happening. The titanium post will serve as the root, and bone tissues will surround it because they have something to latch onto. This will then fuse into the jawbone, where it will act as an artificial root. You’ll definitely need one of these so you can stave off the loss of your jawbone.

5. A More Improved Quality of Life

Missing a tooth may lead to poor self-esteem and self-consciousness. However, the impact will be more than those as you need your teeth to chew the food and delicacies you love. Others cope by not eating their favorite steaks and try to get by with soups and soft foods. But the remaining teeth may be too sensitive to sugar, cold, or heat, especially if they were chipped or broken. You won’t enjoy your favorite dishes any longer when you can’t chew or bite them.

Fortunately, dental implants will cover cracked, missing, or broken teeth, and they’ll function as expected. They don’t have sensitivities, and you’ll have a broader choice of food in restaurants. Once the treatment is completed, you’ll be able to try your old favorite food again. Depending on the length of time you’ve lost a healthy tooth, having the implants will make it look like you’re already reclaiming your old life back, and get healthier teeth afterwards. Read information about keeping your teeth and bones strong for life in this link here:

6. A Huge Improvement into your Oral Health

Whether you have several missing teeth or only a missing tooth, the gap will harm your mouth in the future. The remaining teeth will move and shift over the years resulting in crooked arrangements, new gaps, and spaces.


A potential concern is the increased risk of periodontal or gum diseases that will make things worse. This will be worrisome if you’ve starting to develop illnesses and health issues because of a missing tooth. Even the hooks and metal clasps found in dentures can hurt the gums in the long run. This is something that you need to worry about, especially if you’re still young.

Getting the implants will reduce the risks of weakening gums or contracting diseases. They will give you a more permanent solution that’s close to the natural functions of your teeth. It’s best to call a dental care provider for more information about the treatments, costs, and a more specific plan crafted especially for you. Dental implants can last a lifetime, and they are so worth the investment if they fill the gaps and get you to eat your favorite steaks once again.

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