Get the Facts on Dental Braces for Kids


Regular dental check-ups are essential for kids. However, according to kids dentist Brisbane professionals, “many kids are reluctant to have their teeth cleaned.” But the good news is that kids can get braces to straighten out their smiles.


Dental braces for kids offer a fast and painless way to correct crooked or crowded teeth while also improving the health of your child’s mouth. There are many benefits associated with getting fitted for braces as a kid, so it’s time you learned about them.

Dental Braces for Kids


1. Clear aligners can be used as a substitute for braces

A recent survey revealed that 15% of people are still not convinced about the benefits of using clear aligners instead of traditional braces. However, experts agree that these two devices can be used together to straighten your teeth and correct misaligned grips in just one visit at an orthodontist’s office.

2. After braces, you will need to wear a retainer

Most survey respondents (58%) confirm the need for wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment, but one-fifth are not convinced. The truth depends on your goal. If you want to keep results from an earlier stage, then a retainer may be necessary. However, remember that there is no set time to last, so don’t worry about this becoming lifelong ware.


3. Brace therapy provides advantages that go beyond aesthetics

Minor orthodontic treatment is not just about achieving the desired looks, according to survey participants. The benefits include improved speech and bite alignment that help people feel better all over their body by correcting problems with oral hygiene and eliminating mouth breathing.

4. To straighten your teeth, you may need to have extractions

It is a well-known reality that 70% percent of respondents think it’s necessary when teeth are extracted for the perfect smile. However, not every case requires extraction. In addition, there can be some prerequisites to which this treatment might be applied. So, at least make sure your dentist knows exactly what you need from them before proceeding further with any procedure or operation on their end.

5. NASA invented the wire used in braces

NASA was the first to create a metal alloy that could resist bending, moulding, and heating. This nickel-titanium invention is used in braces and for aeroplanes due to its strength against wear. Gold has long been known as an expensive material versus what it costs today compared with titanium or other more affordable options like steel. However, these choices are often too heavy on teeth’ front portions because they lack flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Braces are a popular subject for discussion, but there is still so much misinformation about them. For example: do you know that it is possible to get braces invisibly? The reason why this happens has everything to do with the surface area covered by metal wires or brackets on your teeth; if they can be hidden without any noticeable intrusion into gums, lips etc., then most people won’t even notice them!

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