How Long Can I Leave Contact Lenses in the Solution

If you’ve just started contact lenses or have been wearing them for a long time, you must’ve wondered how long I can leave them in solution. This article will guide you through and give you all the information related to keeping your contact lenses in solution.

You must be careful with your contact lenses to upkeep and maintain them well. Leaving them exposed in the open can be dangerous as dust, oil, and several elements can ruin them.

Moreover, eyes are extremely sensitive, and any negligence can be severe and dangerous. There is the risk of an eye infection and losing vision in a few cases.

Thus, it is best to know the exact period for keeping your lenses in the solution. First, let’s learn about eyes.

Contact Lenses

What is a Contact Solution?

It is a commercially made chemical solution that helps clean and disinfect the lenses to keep them safe. There are many kinds of solutions available in the market.

However, it depends on the preservative, buffer, and wetting agent working as a binding agent. The work is to remove any buildup on the lenses without wear or tear. A contact solution keeps your lenses sterlized and hydrated.

It is best and safe to keep your lenses in a contact solution to avoid any damage or infection.

How long to Leave Contact Lenses in a Solution?

If you’re wondering how long you can I leave contact lenses in the solution, you need to know that your lenses will not go bad when kept in a solution for long. You can keep your lenses in the solution overnight and even the entire next day.

However, the solution can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if handled poorly. Also, wearing contact lenses directly from the solution can be a threat to the eyes.

The optimal time that you can keep the lenses in a solution is about 30 days, and more than that, it is advised to toss the lenses and get a replacement.

Keeping contact lenses in the solution for a long time may eventually dry out. This is attributed to the solution evaporating. Dried-out lenses may become damaged. Therefore you must not dry them to rehydrate or reuse them in any way. Also, it is advisable to throw away shrivelled-up lenses.

Furthermore, gas-permeable lenses should not be kept in the solution for long. These contacts can be stored safely in even a dry case for months. After storing these lenses, it is imperative that you keep them clean and also rinse them with saline before putting them on.


If your contact lenses have been sitting in the solution for more than 30 days if less than that you can disinfect and clean them with the solution before wearing them.

Also, with the contact lenses sitting in the solution for months or years, it’s safest and best to throw them away and buy yourself a new fresh pair.