Cancer Horoscope – 2016 Predictions, Traits and What Future Holds


Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign, and it originated in the Cancer constellation. Individuals born from June 22nd to July 22 are categorized under this particular sign. The symbol of the sun sign is a Crab, which signifies life and the quick thinking of the Cancer people. Individuals with this zodiac sign are sensitive, protective, assured, and highly emotive. They adore spending time with friends and their family.


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2016 Cancer Horoscope – What to expect in this year?

You are going to find a noticeable improvement in 2016 over previous years. You have been through quite a lot of turmoil, and you may see your life has changed drastically within modern times, mainly while Saturn saw Libra 2009 to the year 2012, as you look back. Your moves were restricted by Saturn and compelled one to give attention to a property question, or, instead, the care of an aging family member. So all the duties for one or both of your parent’s care fell on your shoulders, for some reason others weren’t ready to help, although there may have been other members of the family to assume the job you had taken on.



If you had made the correct choices in your profession at the same time, you were struggling. You have been hosting Uranus, your house of business and, the planet of a sudden change in Aries, and this will continue until early 2019. This sway was bringing substantial change in your professional life, for what you do for a living was rapidly evolving into a current job description. This may have become essential due to technical improvements that have been altering not only the goods or services your firm was offering its customers to remain competitive but also your occupation or to shifting market conditions in your business.


Personality Traits of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Negative Traits

–    Highly Touchy and Extra emotional sometimes

–    Impulsive

–    Moody

–    If they are in a serious relationship then find it hard to let it go.

Positive Traits

–    Confident


–    Emotional

–    Imaginative

–    Protective

–    Sympathetic

–    Intuitive


–    Patient

–    Mature

–    Caring


In regards to falling in love, the Cancerians are sensitive and exceptionally exposed. If the relationship is weak, then they get hurt. They may be true romantics at heart, and they love and protect their nearest and dearest with all their power. People feel insecure quite readily, and it is the reason their partner must ensure them often. They can be quite prone to mood swings, and they can also be quite manipulative in particular scenarios.

The 2016 Cancer Horoscope for Love shows that the planet of transformation, Pluto is going in your opposite sign Capricorn. The evolutionary impulse continues for connection particularly changing on a Soul degree that is heavy. Cancer is an energy that is protective. It acts automatically protect and to nurture. Pluto’s resistance in the solar 7th house of the 2016 horoscope is indicating, on a deeper psychological level, to contemplate how your personal mission impacts others or is projected onto others.


Important Facts about Cancer

–    Lucky color: Yellow and White

–    Ruling Planet: Moon

–    Lucky Stone: Opal and Pearl

–    Element: Water

–    Lucky Numbers: 2, 7,11,16,20 and 25


–    Lucky Metal: Silver

–    Modality: Cardinal


You are likely already coping with its energy that may be entirely different according to the individual involved and the sign. This planet affects daily life, work, and health. Many of you have had teeth and bone problems. Another manifestation is an absence of loving your job and your lifestyle or less work. Responsibilities somewhat tiring could be found by those working. Others just might be drilled.

In 2016 daily life your work and become a major focus. You have taken on too much, might be exhausted, or feel overburdened. Do take great care of you. Request help if overwhelmed. See a physician. Be honest enjoy what you do even if it does not interest you. Your mindset will filter through the finest camo should you be doing work that you dislike. Before the manager axes you, find an appropriate occupation, even supposing it isn’t in your preferred area. Many of you are going to choose an entire change of profession.

This planet needs more dedication to you personally as a romantic understanding of what you need and as an individual. Saturn could be a difficult passage creating occasions to drive the identical procedure if you resist the system for looking at these problems. You are going to come using this passage a lot more joyful and considerably better. Also, it is exceptional for those Cancers who need to slim down and be fit.


Included in this image are the deconditioning and awakening outbursts of Uranus, which continues to move through the area of the profession, location out in the planet, and beyond the casing of security. The Cancer Horoscope 2016 for Career reveals that Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to occupy your sector of career, standing, and how you are seen in the eyes of the world, during which time he can take a retrograde period between late July and the end of December 2016. This frequently brings tremendous changes to where you stand about your standing in life and can offer unpredictable jumps and bounds up the ladder of success.


Neptune bestows extraordinary imagination, but it may also bring on confusion and sometimes, deliberate deceit. This cycle allows your imagination to help inspire you and to roam. Occasionally it can create a unique number of comprehension and empathy. Evaluate and you are going to learn to think scenarios otherwise, due to this person.

The 2016 Cancer suggests that religion can analyze the theories of your spiritual faith. You may enjoy the pomp and pageantry. There may be gambling scandals in sports. Keep raising your vibration so you lose all the pitfalls in the mud and seeking the higher path, where you escape everything and walk to your higher plane.