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Until now, memory and concentration issues were a condition that mainly affected older people. The current lifestyle and society’s evolution made age no longer a selection criterion, and more and more young people are affected by the loss of memory and lack of concentration. Causes are stress, chronic fatigue, depression, poor nutrition, smoking, and alcohol. Aging and the implicit degradation of the nervous system, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may also be causes. Also, diabetes, severe shocks or headaches may cause memory loss.

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Nowadays, as everything is developing at the speed of light, the question on so many people’s mind is: Can supplements improve the intellectual performance? What are the best supplements to upgrade the memory, to help you concentrate or even be more relaxed? By accessing the site, you can find out which are the best smart drugs.

Learning for exams

Some of us have been endowedby nature, and have developed advanced intellectual capabilities through education. However, as time passesand stress levels increase, day-to-day functioning is impaired. We want mental performance, not just “normality.” We want efficiency, energy, mental clarity, an above average memory. We want it all together with a healthy lifestyle. What can we do to learn better?

If we are talking specifically about learning for an exam, the answer is that it would be best to plan your learning periods to have enough time for everything, while at the same time obtain good results. A good sleep settles the information learned over the course of one day, allowing the long-term memory to work. Also the next day you will have increased energy and higher power of concentration. Even if a regular schedule and effort necessary, there are a few ways to improve your intellectual performance near

First of all, it is essential to have a balanced diet that does not contain excess protein. Then you can use nootropics. Any supplemental program is based on vitamins and minerals. They are the foundation. Amino acids act as supplements for memory, L-Tyrosine (tyrosine) helps concentration. It is an essential amino acid, a metabolic precursor of dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. It improves your energy levels and the ability to concentrate. It is also a precursor of thyroid hormones, so if you suffer from thyroid disease, you should use with caution this supplement. It is a non-essential amino acid, that is synthesizing itself in the body of phenylalanine. You can take it as such or in a complex with other useful nutrients, such as True Focus.


This amino acid is a powerful antioxidant and protector of the brain. It also has the direct role of neurotransmitter. Especially for those who have a vegetarian diet (which is deficient in taurine), taking supplements is very important. It was first extracted from the bull’s internal organs, hence the name. It has a synergistic effect when joined with zinc. It prevents eye tissue aging and hypertension, it regulates blood glucose levels, increases male fertility, and helps eliminate excess cholesterol. It is not an energizing (contrary to the myth). Moreover, it has a relaxing effect functioning as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Find out more here.


Glutamine is a source of energy for the brain and helps detoxify the body from ammonia, a product resulting from protein catabolism. It is also a precursor of glutathione and neurotransmitters. It is different from glutamic acid and especially sodium glutamate that has a toxic potential. It is used after training and in the evening, before bedtime. Glycine-amino acid found particularly in collagen (supplements with hydrolyzed collagen can also be used) can lead to a reduction in the inflammation in the brain and is neuroprotective. ALC-acetyl-1-carnitine is an amino acid used in sports for its effects on increasing testosterone secretion and energy levels.

In addition to removing the risk factors, exercising is essential. Researchers demonstrated that physical activity stimulates the nerve cell formation and slows down the natural aging process. Always learning something new through different techniques is vital for improving the cognitive processes. For example, solving puzzles, playing games, walking in new places, or learning a foreign language are activities that significantly improve the memory and the concentration ability. Children, as well as adults, should practice them.

According to medical recommendations, children need to boost their ability to memorize, focus and attention while still playing different games but also through a healthy diet based on raw fruits and vegetables. Children are in a continuous process of development and the way they manage to assimilate information during this period contributes significantly to their further development. Also, during periods of physical and mental stress, for example during exams, it is recommended to use omega-3 fatty acid supplements, lecithin, folic acid, vitamin E and GinkgoBiloba.GinkgoBiloba refers to an exotic tree, especially in southeastern China, whose leaves contain glycosides, flavonoids, and terpenoids, substances responsible for memory. This plant does not grow in Europe, but the extract from the leaves is found in pharmacies in all countries. The name differs depending on the manufacturer, but the leaflets specify the plant source. The flyer also shows the correct dosage, generally 240-360 mg/day, which must be strictly observed. It is especially recommended for those approaching an older age to maintain memory.

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The best memory supplements

On the other hand, for the stimulation and maintenance of the memory, the nutrition is of great importance. Thus, consumption of sugar must be limited, because it causes imbalances in the hypothalamus, the area responsible for memory and learning. The use of saturated fats, which in the long run favors brain damage, including fast food and pastry products, fried and chips, should be avoided. It is recommended to supplement the diet with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, group B vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin E,and antioxidants, which can annihilate the free radicals responsible for cellular aging. Also, dietary supplements with a role in supporting memory and concentration are recommended, providing the necessary dose for maintaining the nervous system at the optimum level. Also, these supplements are based on natural ingredients that we cannoteat in a pure state, in the necessary quantities, such as the GinkgoBiloba extract obtained from the plant leaves or the shell of the seeds, a real remedy in sustaining brain performance. A British online study revealed that over 20% of intellectuals use or have used at one time supplements for memory and concentration and 60% of those interviewed under the age of 35 have turned to this method of natural brains stimulation.

No one claims to know the plant that can make you a second Einstein. However, there are nutritional principles that, by addressing the brain, can stimulate memory, intelligence, the ability to learn and clarity of thought. Also, generally speaking of natural products, they have no contraindication.

Coffee and green tea

Despite coffee being known to have stimulating properties, studieshave shown that it does not act on the learning ability or memory, except for a shortperiod. However,the caffeine from the coffee, co-administered with L-teanine of green tea has long-lasting effects on the mind, on the visual information processes, and especially on the ability to concentrate. Also, L-teanin inhibits some of the caffeine’s harmful effects and, such as increased blood pressure. It is recommended to consume daily a cup of black coffee and two cups of green tea.

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are containedby fish, nuts, seeds and some vegetables. In recent years, the use of Omega-3 fatty acids has become widespread for slowing down aging, cognitive decline, and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It is sold in pharmacies, in the form of capsules.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa is also an exotic plant, found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan,and Vietnam. It grows in a wet environment, it forms succulent leaves, pleasant to taste, and since 1980 has been acclimatized in some European countries. Specialists recommend it because it improves memory and cognitive properties, but also for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and painkiller effect. It is marketed as an extract.


For pharmaceutical purposes, lecithin is extracted from the by-products resulting from processing soybeans. It is usually found in the form of a powder. It can be mixed with the spoon in a liquid (milk, honey, syrup). It is especially indicated for the memory of teenagers, but it also contributes to the stimulation of all brain functions. The most abundant sources of lecithin are meat – especially poultry, fish, and soy. The daily lecithin required for an adult is found in two egg yolks. See additional info.