Health Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings


Wearing compression socks and stockings has proven to be a great remedy for anyone who struggles with blood circulation. The combination of nylon, spandex, cotton, and rubber puts pressure on specific areas of the ankles and legs. Creating a comfortable solution for those who suffer from medical conditions due to blood circulation problems.


Some patients have prescribed compression stockings that are medically certified. These medically certified socks and stockings are specifically designed for patients who are recovering after surgery or those who suffer from sports injuries.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are only for specific individuals. Stockings that are woven with less pressure are suitable for people who need some ankle or leg pain relief, specifically for travel or when you are standing for long periods of time.

Health Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings


Read this to learn more about how you should use compression stockings.


There are many benefits that come with wearing pressure hosiery. Before we get into all the pros, it’s important that you understand which strength is fit for you.


These specialized stockings are designed to provide pressure to the leg and ankle at different points. The level of pressure is measured in MmHg (millimeters of Mercury). The higher the level of MmHg, the higher the compression. Some socks have a graduated level of MmHg, which means that the pressure is at a high level on the foot and gradually decreases as the stocking moves up the leg.

People with chronically severe thrombosis or vein diseases need to wear compression stockings with very high levels of MmHg. It’s extremely important that you consider the strength measurement before purchasing. This will ensure that your chosen product will achieve its maximum benefit.

Follow the mmHg guidelines below:

8-15 MmHg – This is a mild strength that is beneficial to those suffering from leg and ankle pain due to fatigue, as well as moderate spider veins and minor varicose veins.

15-20 MmHg – This is a moderate strength that is beneficial to those suffering from post-vein surgery, painful legs and ankles, traveling, for minor swelling, and in the prevention of spider veins.


20-30 MmHg – This is a firm strength that is beneficial to those suffering from lymphedema, moderate swelling, superficial thrombophlebitis, post vein surgery, prevention of spider veins, and deep vein thrombosis.

30-40 MmHg – This is an extra firm strength that is beneficial to those suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, moderate lymphedema, severe edema, post-thrombotic syndrome, post vein surgery, deep vein thrombosis, and post sclerotherapy or any orthopedics operations.

40-50 MmHg – Is a severe firm strength that is beneficial to those suffering from severe lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and deep vein thrombosis.

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Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings


Compression stockings have many benefits. Here is a list of the most common benefits:


For workers who stand long hours of the day, compressions socks have proven to relieve aching and tired legs. Individuals in occupations like nursing, waiting for staff, hairdressers, and factory workers have reported that wearing mild strength compression stockings help relieve pain.

When you are standing for most parts of the day, blood flows into your feet. If you haven’t got a good blood circulation system then blood can form clots or spider veins in the lower leg.

Wearing compression stockings will prevent blood from moving into superficial veins.


Many professional sportsmen, sportswomen, and athletes wear compression leg sleeves or full leg stockings to reduce muscle tiredness and fatigue. Specifically, during and after vigorous exercising.



Compression stockings have become quite popular among travelers. People who travel for long periods of time will experience discomfort in their legs. Wearing pressurized stockings improves blood flow within the legs and ankles and therefore relieves discomfort.

For the same reasons, truck drivers or desk job employees have resorted to wearing them. For more tips on traveling safely and comfortably, read here:


The main benefit of this wonderful invention is that it helps with blood circulation. Because the stockings are designed to put pressure on certain parts of the ankle and leg, it pushes the blood up towards the body. Instead of blood accumulating in the leg or ankle.

When blood accumulates in one area without circulating through the body, it can cause blocked veins and spider veins. Ultimately, compression socks reduce the size of major veins within the legs. As a result, blood flow increases in velocity and volume. Assuring healthy flow towards the heart and other important organs.

Pressure hosiery also prevents the development of thrombosis, leg swelling, orthostatic hypotension, and venous ulcers.


Whether you choose compression socks or stockings, it is evident that by wearing them you’ll receive an abundance of benefits. Remember to always consult your healthcare practitioner about the mmHg you have to consider, as well as the frequency you have to wear them.

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