How to Modify Your Home to Accommodate Your Elderly’s Needs


Your elderly parents are finally returning home after the hospital stay. Your primary concern is planning home changes to ensure their safety and accessibility. However, you are confused about where to get started.


We are here to help.

For starters, consider hiring a home health aide from a certified fiscal intermediary like Freedomcare. They will suggest the right home modifications for disabled and older adults with the least possible hassles. They can also provide you with suggestions regarding:

  • Short-term improvements,
  • Long-term home modifications,
  • Cost estimations.

Keep reading this article to know important home modifications for your elderly’s utmost safety.

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Toilets, Showers, and Bath Space

Most accidents occur in wet rooms. So, it becomes crucial on your part to see that their safety is not compromised.

The Problem

  • Wet floors can cause a lot of accidents
  • Slippage during getting out of the bathtubs is also common.

The Solution

  • Wheelchair friendly walk-in showers
  • Textured tiles or anti-slip mats also come in handy to prevent slippage
  • Installation of grab bars near toilets and sink area.


Uneven flooring surfaces can increase the likelihood of tripping. Rapid flooring changes (carpet to hardwood floors, for instance) could cause issues. In fact, even six inches of uneven flooring can seem like a mountain for seniors with limited mobility.

The Problem:

  • Uneven flooring heights can cause tripping.
  • Small elevations can also cause major accidents due to Slipping.

The Solution:

  • Make sure the flooring is consistent for easy access.
  • You can install portable ramps wherever necessary.

Stairs and Mobility

Stairs are one of the most dangerous places for older adults. Even with railings and holding bars, it is not safe for a senior to climb staircases alone.

The Problem

  • Maintaining balance on the stairs can be a hurdle for older adults.
  • Tripping on stairs can cause severe injuries.

The Solution

  • Stairlifts and glides come in handy as these are easy to use.
  • Consider improving the lighting conditions for people with vision issues.

Wheelchair Mobility

Often, your loved elderly in a wheelchair can have a hard time moving around. You can help by making minor modifications.


The Problem

  • Narrow doorways can affect daily wheelchair movements.
  • Inaccessible floorings can also disturb mobility.

The Solution

  • Get rid of inconsistent bumps in the flooring to help with mobility.
  • Increase the width of doorways and passages.
  • All the items should be in cabinets that are easily accessible.
  • You can also lower the taps and sinks accordingly.


You, as a young adult, may love the dim lighting, but your elderly might have issues with the same. Older people often suffer from muddled vision. Therefore, adequate lighting is a must to ensure their safety.

The Problem

  • Lower lighting conditions can translate to accidents.
  • Improper positioning of lights can lead to accidents.

The Solution

  • Modification in the lighting conditions.
  • Plenty of sunlight can be beneficial for Vitamin D.

Unnecessary Objects and Hindrances

With seniors in the home, where you place the objects becomes crucial.

The Problem

  • Bumping into unnecessary objects can cause minor injuries.
  • Open electrical wires also can cause accidents.

The Solution

  • Remove such objects and obstacles to ensure the senior’s safety.

Final Word

It becomes essential for you to adapt your house for the safety and security of your elderly with medical issues. At some point, you might realize that your home may not be suitable for the elderly. However, we are sure the tips mentioned above will help!

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