The Insane Benefits of a Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion


If you spend all day in a wheelchair, you know firsthand just how uncomfortable it is. Wheelchairs are notorious for having stiff, hard seats that lead to a lot of discomfort, especially after spending so much time in them each day.


Even if you spend a short amount of time in a wheelchair, you start to notice these uncomfortable features almost immediately.

There’s no reason why you should have to suffer through the pains of an uncomfortable wheelchair seat. Luckily, today, you don’t have to.

A gel-infused wheelchair cushion can be a real game-changer for folks who use a wheelchair to get around.

But is it necessary to get one of these amazing gel-infused wheelchair cushions? And if you do, what sort of benefits will they have to offer you?


Let’s take a look at some of the insane benefits that a gel-infused wheelchair cushion has to offer you.

Benefits of a Gel Infused Wheelchair Cushion


Alleviates Weight from the Bones in Your Hip

One of the biggest benefits that one of these cushions have to offer is relief from the weight on the bones in your hips and buttocks.

When people walk around, the weight of their torsos gets distributed to their hips, and then down to the knees and to their feet and ankles. If you’re wheelchair-bound, however, all of the weigh of your upper body just sits on your hips.

This weight can cause issues like hip and lower back pain which then travels up your spine, affecting your shoulders, neck, and even your head from the weight.


A gel-infused wheelchair cushion alleviates this weight, protecting your lower back and hips from all of that pressure.

Helps Create Better Posture

When you spend your day in a wheelchair, it’s only natural that your posture will begin to suffer. Your weight is being entirely distributed on your lower back, hips, and buttocks. When the seat of your wheelchair if hard, it causes a bit of a curvature in the lower spine. This curvature extends throughout the rest of the spine, leading to a slumped, uncomfortable posture that causes those aches and pains after a long day of sitting in your wheelchair.

The gel infused wheelchair cushion creates a better posture for you by putting your hips and buttocks into a proper position. This creates a base that the rest of your spine will follow, leaving you sitting nice and tall instead of tired and slumped over.

Better Shock Absorption

As you ride along during the day, you will encounter the occasional bump and ramp. This causes some jostling around of your torso, which can lead to other back problems and even possible damage to your spine.

The gel-infused wheelchair cushion provides a healthy amount of padding that absorbs some of the impact that possible bouncing around can hit your hips and spine with. This is essential to protecting you from any wheelchair-related injuries that could happen when you ride around daily.


Prevents Pressure Ulcers from Forming

One of the more severe side effects of wheelchair riding is the formation of a pressure ulcer.

A pressure ulcer is formed when a person is seated for a prolonged period of time. Understandably, this is a very common occurrence if you’re a person who is wheelchair-bound.

This repeated pressure that occurs between your bony prominences (like your hips and spine) against a hard surface (like a stiff, hard wheelchair seat) can cause a breakdown in tissue. This tissue includes your skin, muscles, and vessels. Needless to say, it’s something you want to avoid.

When you add a gel-infused wheelchair cushion to the mix, you provide enough soft and cushiony support that these pressure ulcers don’t have the opportunity to form. This can save your soft tissues from damage.

Heat Responsive to Better Form to Your Body

Everyone’s hips, buttocks, and legs are different, so why should every wheelchair seat be the same?


Unfortunately, your standard wheelchair seat has no give. A good gel-infused memory foam cushion will mold to your shape, responding to heat from your body to give you the perfect amount of support that you need, exactly where you need it.

Cooling Gel to Keep You from Getting Too Sweaty

Sitting in a chair all day, things get a little toasty. The gel that’s infused in this wheelchair cushion gives it the ability to stay cool and regulate your body temperature, keeping you from getting too sweaty throughout the day.

Experience These Benefits of a Gel-Infused Wheelchair Cushion Today

There are so many incredible benefits that a gel-infused wheelchair cushion has to offer, so why wait any longer? Get yourself this incredible cushion and experience the benefits today.

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