10 Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. However, you often tend to overlook this while juggling your work with other chores. It might seem manageable at first but eventually affects your health.

Improper lifestyle is the most important cause of a lot of problems. One of them is not fueling your body sufficiently, which leads to constipation.

Constipation means experiencing trouble while passing the waste or stool through the rectum. Not treating it might lead to serious health concerns like anal fissure, rectal prolapse, and fecal impaction, among other issues.

Spending hours in the loo is not only irritating but also a warning sign that needs to be addressed. If you are someone with chronic constipation, then you should take medications for stomach relief.

But if that’s not the case and you need fast constipation relief, then you can always depend on home remedies.

Home remedies will help you get instant stomach relief without any side effects. They also help you in multiple ways as they stimulate your body and boost your immune system. Here are ten such home remedies to ensure that you have a better day by spending less time in the loo.

10 Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

Stay Hydrated

An adult should drink at least 3 liters of water every day. If you want proper bowel movement, then it is essential to stay hydrated.

Additionally, you can also drink coconut water and lemon juice to get relief from constipation. The magnesium in the coconut water helps in releasing the waste from the stomach. Similarly, lemon juice acts as an excellent digestive aid.

Include Fiber In Your Diet

Fiber is essential for your body, and being on a low fiber diet could be the reason behind constipation. Soluble fiber helps in making the stool soft, and insoluble fiber helps inconsistency.

Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

You can easily include it in your diet by consuming bananas, chickpeas, flax seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

Brew Some Coffee Beans

Yes, you heard it right. There are some fantastic benefits of coffee, and you can count on them. Drinking coffee before going to the loo will stimulate your colon and help in having smooth defecation.

You should preferably have coffee in the morning just before going to the loo, as having it at night might make you stay up for the whole night and ruin your sleep cycle.

Have Tea

Herbal tea has numerous benefits like boosting your immunity system, helping you unwind, reducing pain, and soreness, among other things. It also helps with digestion and treating constipation.

Ginger tea generates heat, which results in providing relief while passing the stool. Similarly, you can have green tea or black tea to provide stimulation to the colon. Chamomile tea also provides relaxation to the digestive tract and helps in curing constipation.

Aloe Vera Can Help You

Aloe Vera is a wonderful ingredient in many cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

You might not be knowing it, but this magic plant also helps in releasing toxins from the body and cleanse your digestive tract. Consuming aloe vera every day will help you to take the dump comfortably and also boost your immunity. Ensure to get fresh Aloe when you are using it for oral consumption.

Milk And Ghee

You might be avoiding dairy products as it can lead to weight gain, but it comes with multiple benefits like treating constipation. Drinking warm milk with clarified butter, also known as Ghee, can help you relax bowel movement.

Clarified butter is famous for its healing properties, and you can add two to three tablespoons of it to a glass of milk for fast relief.

Have A Spoonful Of Honey

If you are looking for a laxative at home, honey is the best option. Honey not only helps to boost your immunity but also helps in releasing waste from your body. It is significant for mild as well as chronic constipation.

You can add one tablespoon of honey in water or drink it with tea. The laxative properties help to stimulate bowel movement.

Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

While honey is exceptionally effective in helping you in treating irregular bowel movements, you should be careful while consuming it. Honey is known for having excessive sugar content, so if you have diabetes, then you must not overdo this remedy.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda helps in treating constipation, and it is backed by science as well. The sodium bicarbonate in baking soda reacts with the natural acids present in the stomach, thus producing salt, water, and carbon dioxide. This formation eases the bowel movement and gives relief to the colon.

Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

You can add one teaspoon of baking soda with exactly one-fourth amount of warm water. The mixture will help you to have a comfortable bowel movement.

Eat Raisins

Raisins are well known for providing fast relief for constipation. They have natural laxative properties and are high in fiber. Eating raisins every day will also help you boost your digestive health.

You can pick a handful of raisins and soak it overnight in water before consuming it. The tartaric acid and high fiber help in stimulating digestion and easing constipation.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds act as a natural laxative. If you are suffering from the pain of constipation, then you can rely on the goodness of fennel seeds. You can add roasted fennel seeds to warm water and drink it in the evening.

Home Remedies To Try For Stomach Relief

Anethole present in the seeds provides relief to gastric and digestive problems. It relaxes the muscles and helps in proper bowel movement.


Constipation could be the result of improper lifestyle, aging, not having an appropriate amount of dietary fiber, or a symptom of an underlying disease. Treating the root cause is essential to avoid complications. You should monitor your health while taking home remedies.

You can include dietary changes to help you in having a better bowel movement and enhance your immune system. While home remedies will provide you short-term relief and relaxation for the stomach, you should immediately consult a doctor if you experience chronic pain and monitor abnormalities.

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