What to do Immediately Following a Car Accident


If you ever get into a car accident, you want to make sure that you are prepared, no matter if you caused the accident or not. Being prepared will help you if you are considering filing a claim against the other driver. If you are ever unsure, you can always consult with a personal injury law firm in Atlanta for more information.


Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident

Immediately following an accident, be sure you pull your car over to a safe place close by.

Here are some other steps you should take.

Call for Help

Once you and your vehicle are in a safe location, call for help. If you are injured, you will need an ambulance. Once the police and paramedics arrive on the scene, you can give the police details about what happened so you can obtain a copy of the report for later use.

Gather the Right Information

Important information such as your vehicle registration, insurance, and other vehicle-related information should always be kept inside of your vehicle. As you begin to exchange information with the other party, remember information such as name, contact information, driver’s license, type of vehicle, and location of the accident are required for insurance claims.


Avoid Making Payment Arrangements on Your Own

Never make any side deals with other parties involved in the accident or attempt to collect payments for damages. Always go through the insurance company by filing an insurance claim. You should avoid making such arrangements even if the other driver offers to pay a nice chunk of money or states that they have no insurance.

Filing an Insurance Claim

As soon as you can, it is critical that you reach out to your insurance company following an auto accident. This will help speed up the process of your claim. Your insurance company may also be able to help you out with additional services related to the accident that is included in your policy.

Determine what documents are necessary to hand over to your insurance company and figure out if there is a deadline to file a claim. There are many tools you can take advantage of to help your claim get taken care of much faster, if, of course, you are handling the matter without an attorney.

Proving Liability After an Accident

After a claim has been filed with the insurance company, it is up to the insurance adjuster to determine who caused the accident and the amount you’ll receive for repairs. If your car is totaled, your insurance company may help you replace your vehicle.

The insurance adjuster will collect evidence and facts related to the accident to help determine who is liable for the accident. The process for determining fault depends on the state you live in and whether your state has no-fault insurance laws. Additionally, the details of your policy will also play a role in determining who is at fault for an accident, such as personal injury protection and loss of income.


In states that have no-fault laws, insurance companies utilize various methods to figure out who is liable.

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