What is the Drug Humalog Used for


Did you know that diabetes mellitus is one of the leading causes of nerve problems, sexual function problems, or even death in the contemporary world? Indeed, more than 400 million of the world’s population suffer from high blood sugar levels nowadays and, thus, need to rely on different medications and insulin analogs in order to control them.


In this article, you will be able to check out the necessary information on Humalog, a preparation that is widely applied to treat diabetes mellitus. So, keep reading and learn what is Humalog, how does it work, and what is it used for.

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What Is Humalog?

Above anything else, let us define the notion of Humalog and investigate its main characteristics. In simple words, it is an insulin lispro product that is used to treat type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes in both adults and children. While being an insulin lispro, Humalog is an analog of human insulin that is naturally produced by the human body. The Humalog insulin product is fast-acting insulin (or, as it is often called, rapid-acting), which means that it is not only quickly digested but also fastly absorbed.

Despite the fact that Humalog is an effective way to maintain the normal level of blood sugar after you eat or drink, it might still lead to the following side effects:

  • The symptoms of flu, such as headache, throat irritation, or runny nose;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level);
  • And other side effects connected to individual hypersensitivity reactions.

How Does Humalog Work?

The working principle of Humalog insulin is pretty straightforward. It can be injected under your skin with the help of one of the following methods:

  • Via an insulin infusion pump;
  • With the assistance of an insulin injection pen;
  • By means of a Humalog vial and syringe.

Moreover, the dosage of Humalog insulin lispro might also be different. Depending on your personal needs, a doctor might provide you with different Humalog prescriptions. For example, you might either need a Humalog U 100 insulin injection or a Humalog U 200 insulin injection in order to maintain the normally low blood sugar level.

A side note: In some cases, Humalog might be injected in a combination with long-acting insulin products or other medications, like hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, or similar.

No matter whether you are using an insulin pump, pen, or vial, an insulin dose of Humalog should be taken in a form of subcutaneous injection (or, in other words, it should be injected in the subcutaneous tissue of your body) in accordance with your personal insulin schedule. In most cases, Humalog insulin needs to be injected either fifteen minutes before the meal or right after it.

Notable warnings: Detailed information on how to use Humalog medication can be found on a patient information leaflet or instruction manual. As well, do not forget to check out the detailed information on how to store your insulin container properly (for instance, far away from heat sources) in the storage section and the expiration date of the medication on your product package.


Humalog as a Way to Control Blood Sugar Levels

The most essential function of Humalog is to maintain normal insulin levels. When being more precise, Humalog insulin lispro vials (as for example a Humalog vial 100 units/ml), pens, and pumps are the helpful “assistants” that serve as a medication to reduce your high blood sugar level and, thus, assist your body in its proper functioning in terms of glucose transportation, storage, and transformation into energy.

A Bottom Line

So, Humalog is a preparation that is used for the effective treatment of diabetes mellitus. Therefore, ask your doctor for a prescription and either order it at your local pharmacist or buy Humalog insulin online from a certified reseller. Stay healthy and maintain healthy glucose levels at all times!

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