6 smart ways nurses can upgrade their skills for better patient care


Nurses make up the biggest workforce in every healthcare industry around the world. Therefore, they play an important role in improving the health status of communities and people within.


The skill set of nurses has a direct impact on their performance delivery. It comes upon nurses to broaden their educational status and enhance their skills and capabilities. Besides clinical knowledge and ability, they also need to possess human-centered skills. But in what ways can nurses improve their skills?

Many nurses who joined this profession and those with work experience might have needed help finding ways to upgrade their skills. If that’s the case, here you go with a list of ways to improve your skills.

smart ways nurses can upgrade their skills


1. Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is essential for all nurses dedicated to the nursing profession. Continuing your education even after working helps nurses navigate their way through the changes and upgrades in healthcare.


Every day new research is being added to the already vast literature on healthcare. Nurses must be at least familiar with breakthroughs in their area of work. Without continuing their education, nurses can neither survive in the ever-changing healthcare environment nor can they get the skills to perform their job.

Nurses can achieve lifelong learning in many ways. It can be through attending industry-related conferences and seminars, joining discussion groups with professionals, or enrolling in a degree program.

Registering in a degree program has other associated perks too. For instance, a DNP degree positions nurses for managerial and academic roles. Plus, it enhances their chances of earning more. Interested nurses must sift through nursing schools to specifically find “DNP online programs no GRE required” options. With the “No GRE” option, they are spared the hassle of spending countless hours preparing for their admission test. So the admission process becomes much simpler. And the remote learning option helps them continue their education without compromising their job.

2. Find your focus

Nursing is a broad field. You will find nurses in every department and area of healthcare. But most nurses don’t come with a niche in their mind; they start workings as general nurses. There is nothing wrong with their decision. However, they must find a focus for their work to polish their skills and education in one area of nursing.

The best way to find your area of focus is to work in various healthcare departments with professionals, observe how they work, and listen to the information being conveyed. Working under multiple professionals, you will absorb various aspects of their work, learn from them, and upgrade your skills.


Once you figure out which area of nursing you are inclined to, focus all your energies on excelling in that area. This process will help upgrade your skills and prepare you to work in your chosen department. Also, you will not make your career decision on hunches. Instead, it will be an informed decision.

3. Practice your communication skills

Communication skills are crucial for working in any sector or industry. Your ability to communicate effectively will never let you down. If you are a nurse, you don’t have the margin to have subpar communication skills. A small mistake or lag in delivering patient data or information can be very costly for the patients, your career, and the whole hospital.

Being a nurse, how can you improve your communication skills? The simple answer is “by interacting.” Without practicing your communication skills, you cannot improve them. If you don’t speak, present your views, and deliver information, how would you know what mistake you are making? Therefore, the cardinal rule of improving any skill is practicing them.

You will meet patients and families with various unfamiliar backgrounds as a nurse. Talk to them about their condition, discuss patient reports with doctors and other concerned persons, and fill patient charts. You might or might not make mistakes, but you will surely learn and improve your skills.

4. Join a professional organization

Networking is an integral part of succeeding in your career as a nurse. Networking skills can be improved in many ways. For instance, staying in touch with your bosses from previous jobs, class fellows from nursing schools, and so on. Another proven way to improve your networking skills is by joining a professional nursing organization.


Membership in a nursing organization puts you in the right spot to meet like-minded people and professionals sharing the industry with you. You will also see employers looking for suitable employees and teachers looking for apprentices.

Joining a professional organization helps you come out of your comfort zone, communicate and make connections with unknown people. It also enables you to capitalize on your networking skills to grab professional and career development opportunities when you spot them.

You often get lucky to win free passes to attend professional development seminars and lucky draws for study abroad scholarship opportunities. So, being a member of a professional organization improves networking and communication skills and helps you with career development.

5. Read industry-related content

Reading is the most underrated way of upgrading your skills. But reading about the latest trends, technology, and breakthroughs in your profession is essential. It is a great way to enhance your knowledge; improve your soft and hard skills and techniques you don’t know yet.

You can get the required information through various sources, including industry journals, magazines, research papers, and online blogs. You can also read commentaries, case reports, reviews, etc.


6. Stay committed to knowledge

Finally, you must stay committed to knowledge and service to upgrade your skills. Your commitment and dedication to your profession are your intrinsic motivation pushing you forward to make more effort. This single force will instigate you to learn to provide better service to your patients.

At the same time, don’t be arrogant about what you can do and know. Your arrogance will bar you from spreading the light of knowledge and contain your learning too. Therefore, be humble about your abilities, and share your expertise with your colleagues. The more you spread your knowledge, the more intensely you shine.


Nursing is all about serving people; therefore, your job is to upgrade your skills to effectively be of service to others. Some ways to do that are mentioned above. These practical ways have immense benefits and profoundly affect your career development.

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