Patient Experience and How You Can Improve It


Patient experience is a lot like customer experience. It encompasses all the interactions that a patient has with the health care system. This can include various aspects of the care that patients seek, including the plans, a kind and communicating staff, amazing facilities, impressive services offered, easy access to information, on-time appointments, etc.


Once you understand the patient experience, only you will be able to provide patient-centered services and care. So how can you improve your patient’s experience so that they become your loyal customers and send their friends to you?

1) Show commitment to the patient’s safety and health

Dental practices that show their commitment to the patient’s safety and well-being by following safety protocols increase their reputation. Patients take their health seriously and want to ensure that you do too.

2) Limited waiting time

No one likes long waiting hours to see their specialists. So you must have proper scheduling so that overbooking is avoided and patients are seen on time. If there is an overload of work, you can call the patients and let them know about the delay.

3) Converse with patients and caregivers

Communicating is an important part of the overall patient experience. Ensure that your staff greet the patients, and ask them how they can help. Then it is important to show your interest in them by conversing with them about their day, weather, drive, etc.


Ask them light questions to keep the conversation going. To avoid making patients feel rushed and unattended is to look them in the eye while talking with them. Looking at your screen or conducting an evaluation while asking them questions may make them feel rushed. Moreover, a gentle assuring hand on the patient’s arm or shoulder can make them feel comfortable.

4) Ensure their comfort

First, get your patients comfortable. Get your front staff to walk your patients to the waiting area and show them where they can find coffee, cookies, books, or magazines they can read. Once they are comfortable, then you can start with the paperwork. Ensure that the waiting area is comfortable. Use warm colors, soothing music, lively indoor plants, and comfortable chair or sofas to enhance the look and feel of the area. Moreover, you can visit for great dental marketing ideas for you.

5) Ask for information only once

The most crucial thing to ensure is that patients do not have to provide the same information again and again. This will be annoying and difficult for your patients, and they may never come to you again. Switch to a digital system where you can save your patient’s information where auto-correct responses can be filled. They only need to confirm the information and not have to fill in handwritten information every time.

6) In the end, take their questions

Once you have given the diagnosis and treatments, you should ask them whether they are comfortable with this or have any questions regarding the discussion. If they still have concerns, then address them before sending them away.

7) Transform patients into loyal ones

After the examination is over, have a staff guide the patient to the front. Give them a printed document of their visit and ask them for their email address so that you can send them their invoice or remind them of follow-ups. Ask them to give the dental practice a positive review. Once they are done, thank them for their appointment.



A great patient experience is where they feel welcomed, important and comfortable throughout their time there.  You can ensure that the patients who visit you will become your loyal customers by taking these steps.

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