Natural Wound healing 101 : inflammation and joints repair


Aside from his anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) Extract has been documented to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, significantly increasing the number of circulating stem cells


The health benefits of sea buckthorn berries have been recognized for more than a thousand years in Tibetan, Mongolian and Chinese Medicine where it is used to improve blood circulation and to treat a long list of health conditions. Phloroglucinol has been associated with benefits touching various aspects of human health, such as cardiovascular health, and the list goes on.

As many studies shows , there are natural ways to promote stem cell proliferation.

Natural Wound healing 101


Regenerative potential

Adult stem cells have enormous regenerative potential, having the ability to become almost every single cell type in the body, outside of germ cells -that is sperm and eggs. While there are various sources of adult stem cells, such as fat tissues, blood, dental pulp, and hair follicles, bone marrow-derived stem cells have been clearly demonstrated to have the highest clinical safety and efficacy.


Being able to transform into various types of tissue cells, stem cells obviously play a critical role in tissue repair and wound healing. There is in fact a direct link between the number of stem cells available in the blood circulation and one’s ability to heal from a wound.  Let’s briefly look at the process of wound healing.

Science 101: Wound Healing

Let’s take for example a cut to your skin. Immediately after a cut, the following steps happen in a very organized manner:

  • Hemostasis: “hemo” means blood and “stasis” means “stop”; the first step is blood coagulation in order to prevent blood loss.
  • Inflammation: The second step is the release by the injured tissue and local immune cells of compounds that trigger inflammation in order to increase the ability of immune cells and stem cells to reach the area. Inflammation increases the waterways in which cells can swim.
  • Cell migration: immune cells migrate in the area to clean the debris and eliminate any potential pathogens. Stem cells migrate into the injured area, where they first reduce inflammation and then orchestrate the process of tissue repair by stimulating fibroblast activity and transforming cells of that tissue.
  • Proliferation: Stem cells and local tissue rebuild collagen and the extracellular matrix, along with a new bed of capillaries.
  • Remodeling: The wound closes, the new capillaries fully connect with the blood circulation, nerves also connect to normalize sensation to the new tissue, and finally over time collagen becomes stronger.
  • The role of stem cells in the process of wound healing is paramount. In fact, a number of studies have documented the link between the number of stem cells in circulation and wound repair; more stem cells in circulation means faster and more effective repair, with less scar tissue.
  • Joint Repair: The same phenomenon takes place when an injury is internal, as in the case of an injury to a joint. The only problem with a joint is that blood circulation to tendons, ligaments, and cartilage is very poor, reducing the ability of stem cells to reach these areas and quickly take care of the problem. 

Nevertheless, here again more stem cells in circulation equate to faster and better repair.  For example, a few years ago the coach of Rayo Majadahonda, a professional soccer team in Madrid, Spain, was facing the challenge of having 12 players with ankle soft tissue injuries. He was unable to start the season. He contacted a friend, Dr. Miguel Garber, who is a renown cardiologist working in both Madrid and Miami, Florida, asking him if he could help.  Dr. Garber introduced him to a plant-based stem cell supplement enhancer that increases the number of circulating stem cells.

 They took advantage of that situation to make a study.  All players were given access to all the traditional treatment modalities available, but 6 of the players were given this plant-based stem cell mobilizer. The group consuming the stem cell enhancer repaired much faster and was able to return to play one week before the other group.

Stem Cells and inflammation

This study also confirmed another benefit of stem cells that is well documented in the scientific literature. When stem cells move into the site of an injury, one of their first tasks is to reduce inflammation to initiate the repair process. Tissue repair cannot take place effectively in the presence of inflammation. Stem cells exert their anti-inflammatory action by secreting cytokines known to be anti-inflammatory.


In the study with the Rayo Majadohonda soccer team, the players who consumed the stem cell enhancer and thereby increased the number of stem cells in circulation complained less about pain, experienced greater mobility, and used less pain medication, which are all signs of lesser inflammation.

Stem Cells for Weekend Warriors

Weekend warriors tend to do little physical activity during the week but on the weekends they overdo it, engaging in strenuous exercise.  These athletes often end up injured as a result of  this inconsistent exercising.  This results in frequent inflammation and joint damage.   Increasing the number of stem cells in circulation, with a stem cell supplement enhancer, can help to repair these injuries faster and more effectively, with less scar tissue, compared to other common methods of repair (such as icing, heat, stretching and over-the-counter pain medication).  Weekend warriors can also benefit from increasing their physical activity during the week, thereby elevating their overall fitness level.


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