Getting a STI Test Isn’t Just For You – It’s For Everyone


If you are the kind of person who thinks that they will never be infected by a STI, then you are being quite naive because in many situations people are already infected and because their body is showing absolutely no symptoms, they feel that they are free and clear. There are literally millions of people walking around right now who have a STI and are completely unaware of it. The thing about some of these sexually transmitted infections is that they can do real harm over a period of time and for things like chlamydia for example, it can really damage your chances of reproducing and having children when you end up in a long-term relationship.


It is a fact of life that sexually transmitted infections are part of life for many Australians and so it makes sense that you would want to know if you have one or not. This is why a STI Test in Cairns is readily available to you and you can just walk in from off the street and get yourself tested right then and there. It won’t be long before you get your results and then you have the essential peace of mind that we all need knowing that we are free and clear or if we need to address the issue with medicine. If you are somewhat apprehensive about taking a STI test then maybe the following reasons for doing so can help you to be a more responsible person.

Getting STI Test


You don’t have to have sexual intercourse –

This is a misapprehension that many people have and they think because they have never had penetrative sex that there is absolutely no way that they can have a sexually transmitted infection. These infections can happen when people are involved in heavy petting and any touching of the penis or vagina can lead to the spread of a sexually transmitted disease. It is never too late to learn about sex education even if you are an adult.

You are in a long-term relationship –

This provides you with absolutely no guarantees that your partner didn’t have a sexually transmitted infection before the relationship began. As was mentioned previously before, the vast majority of people don’t show any symptoms and so they can easily pass on what if they have to you and vice versa. It makes a lot more sense for each party to get themselves checked for a STI at the very beginning of any relationship before sex takes place.


Early diagnosis means easier treatment –

Clearly, you cannot be treated for a STI until you actually know that you have one and so it’s better to get tested and then you can receive the treatment that you need. In order to take away the fear factor here, you should know that even for serious diseases like HIV, there is currently treatment that allows people to go on and lead normal lives.

You need to be the responsible person here and set up an appointment for a STI test as soon as possible to rule yourself out as a carrier of any sexually transmitted disease. The thing to keep in the back of your mind is that the vast majority of STI’s can be treated very easily before they cause any kinds of permanent problems further down the line.

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