Favorite Cat Breeds Around The World


Domestic Cats have steadily been gaining popularity around the world as companions and pets with the more popular breeds gaining the attraction of people because of movies, advertisements, and other forms of literature that feature them or just by the sharing of positive experiences of owners and families.


Favorite Cat Breeds Around The World


Popular Cat Breeds

Devon Rex Cats are a relatively newer breed of cat that was discovered in the region of Devonshire in England during the 1950s and has been called multiples names in the past including an alien cat because of its appearance. The Devon Rex is characterized by its unusual coat of a little curly guard hair.

The Devon Rex is known to be high-jumpers and will try to get the high ground in any room as long as there is a space large enough for their stay to on.  The Devon Rex is relatively easy to take care of and is affectionate but will choose one person to pour their love and will often follow around and by setting on the shoulder. They are also playful and intelligent.


This breed is also described as a cross between a dog and cat, being an active, energetic, and intelligent breed, the Devon Rex can be trained to walk with a leash, fetch and do other tricks that are usually taught on dogs. Because the Devon Rex likes companionship, they are unsuitable to being left alone for long periods.

Owners and potential owners, however, should be aware that the Devon Rex likes food a lot and control the diet and nutrition of their cat and be prepared to turn down requests from the cat to eat food, especially those that are not good for their health.

Potential owners of the Devon Rex should also be happy to know that the cat breed is one of the most hypoallergenic cats because of its coat. Click here for information on the protein that causes allergic reactions in humans that come in contact with cats.

Next are Scottish Fold Cats is a breed of domestic cat which are known to be sweet and are distinguished by their unique feature of having folded ears that gives them an owl-like appearance.

Cat Breeds


The Scottish Fold Cat originated in Scotland in 1961 and has since been a popular cat breed because of its distinctive ears and affection towards its owner and family. Aside from its unique ears, the Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat with a rounded face and a short nose. It also has broad eyes. Their coat can also be short or long and some refer to long-coated Scottish Fold Cats as Highland Folds.

This breed is great for owners and families that plan on or already have other pet-friendly animals in the household as the Scottish Fold can adjust to the presence of other pets in the house extremely well. They get attached to their human companions are by nature very affectionate and like the Devon Rex, do not like being alone and can make the cat depressed.

The Scottish fold is playful and intelligent, they like being outdoors and like to play games with their owners and other outdoor activities. They also like sleeping on their back and sitting with their legs stretched out.

Because of their folded ears, owners and aspiring owners of the Scottish Fold should regularly check the ears of their cat and clean as needed. They do not require any special kind of grooming and need to be brushed once a week and their nails trimmed a few times a month. Those with allergic reactions to cats should also avoid the Scottish Fold as it is not a hypoallergenic cat.

The third is the Sphynx Cat, a well-known cat breed because of the unique characteristic of having no fur. The Sphynx Cat’s hairlessness is a naturally occurring genetic mutation in cats and the Sphynx cat is a product of a selected breed that started in the 1960s.


Although hairless cats have been seen earlier in history the modern Sphynx breed is distinct from other hairless cat breeds such as the Peterbald. This link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterbald has more information on the Russian Peterbald Cat Breed.

The Sphynx Cat is known to be an extrovert and likes to display their affection for owners, their curiosity, and intelligence and are one of the cat breeds that are described as dog-like, greeting their owner and being friendly with strangers.

Because of the Sphynx Cat’s lack of fur or hair, owners should limit their cat’s exposure to the outdoor especially during sunny days as they can suffer from sunburn and other kinds of skin damage just like humans. Also having no fur to shed does not mean that they require no care and maintenance.

Sphynx Cats have body oils that are absorbed by their body hair and build upon their skin, because of this Sphynx Cats need regular bathing once or twice a week. Because of the lack of hair in their ears, Sphynx Cats also have a lot more ear wax than other cat breeds that need to be cleaned out during their baths.

Also, while they lack fur or hair of other cat breeds, the Sphynx Cat is not hypoallergenic as cat allergies are caused not by the fur of the cat by itself but by a protein in their saliva.


These three cats are just a few of the popular cat breeds in the world. Other cat breeds holistapet have their unique characteristics that fit well with the different tastes, lifestyles, and behaviors of owners who might want an active and playful cat on one hand or a more docile and calm cat on the other especially those who are working at home.

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