5 Ways Chakra Meditation Can Improve Your Wellness


When contemplating how to begin meditating, there are numerous specific styles and techniques from which to pick. One of these is chakra meditation, which is designed to balance, open, and stimulate the inner chakras of the mind.


Of course, for this to be effective for you, it’s essential that you also believe in its power and effectiveness. After all, when you practice chakra meditation, it’s supposed to activate greater awareness of the energetic and spiritual body. Some yogis choose to practice chakra meditation by focusing on one chakra at a time, while others advocate the use of all the chakra.

Whichever way you opt, it’s a powerful and uplifting practice to follow. Many who swear by it speak of how chakra meditation has improve their wellness, along with many other benefits like these below.

heart chakra


1. It May Help You Develop More Compassion

In today’s harsh and stressful world, compassion is a virtue that can make a difference in the lives of both you and someone else. Others who have a greater capacity for compassion can better understand those they come into contact with. There’s less judgment but more love and care.


While there are many ways to gather a higher ability to be more compassionate, practicing chakra meditation is one of the most promising. When you practice chakra meditation, you access the depths of your soul. This allows you to extend a greater sense of peace and love to all living creatures around you.

2. It Brings In A Higher Love Of Life

Everyone lives their life only once. Despite the negative things that come your way, you should always have that habit of loving life. When you focus on the positive, you’ll realize that there’s so much more to love than hate about life.

One of the seven chakras is the heart chakra or the Anahata. Its balance can bring love and spirit into your existence, enabling you to love life even more. If you’re experiencing some of the hardships of life at the moment, it’s worth giving a week of chakra meditation a try. You’ll finish the week strong, energized, and with a higher zest for life.

3. It Helps You Feel More Grounded And Stable

Life can sometimes feel so fleeting. Between the rush that comes with daily life and the stressors that are often indispensable, it’s challenging to feel grounded and stable. You may feel like you don’t have a sense of stability when you’re always yearning for more, thinking that a particular aspect of your life isn’t enough.

Root chakra meditation may just be what you’ll need to have that better sense of feeling more grounded and stable. To find this chakra, yogis recommend staying in a lotus or cross-legged position with chakra stones around you or the room. The root chakra reminds you that the ground is always beneath you, and you need to take it easy some days and rest to go back to your core.


4. It May Strengthen Your Energy

Traditionally, as started by Indian practice, the chakras were considered the primary gateways through which the Shakti, or life force, flows through the mind and body system. This energy gets transformed into emotional, physical, and mental expressions.

With that, doing chakra meditation may also be exactly what you need to feel mentally confident and emotionally supported. As you look at the seven chakras individually during your meditation, you’ll have that higher sense of feeling like you’re more emotionally invested, independent, and mentally confident.

That energy-strengthening effect begins to kick in when you can map out your energy flow during your meditation individually. This gives you better control over your life’s energy levels to improve where you usually feel weak and to continuously maintain and strengthen those facets where you feel relatively fine.

5. It Creates A Better Sense Of Willpower In Your Life

Life starts to feel drab, whereby you’re constantly in a state of depression when you begin to lose willpower in your life. When this happens, it’s as if there’s nothing you look forward to anymore. You live each day and finish the day, ready for another routine the next day. It’s like you don’t have that will to live any more.

Note that by willpower, this doesn’t just mean living as in breathing. It means having that yearning for life, where you honestly look forward to each day, no matter how plain and routinary that may seem.


In Closing

The body is believed to be made out of seven chakras. Practicing chakra meditation is, therefore, the one that activates or channels the power of each of those chakras. The process of doing so is often looked upon as a simple mind and body connection meant to bring in a balance of the whole system. There are so many ways that chakra meditation can bring such effects to your body; those above are only a few. If you want to test it out for yourself, you may also experience how this Indian tradition can be life-changing.

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