6 Efficient Headache Remedies You Need To Know About


Other than coughs and colds, one of the most common physical problems people deal with is headaches. For some people, this is a minor headache that a person can walk off, but for others, it is a severe problem that leaves them unable to get out of bed. Extreme headaches can be a sign of a medical problem. Here are some easy solutions to the common headache.



In a number of studies on patients experiencing migraine and regular headaches, it was found that the majority were deficient in magnesium. This metal is responsible for a number of processes within our body and also helps our nervous system tremendously. Supplementing your diet with magnesium can help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches.

Water after a night out

If you have been drinking, even moderately, in the past 24 hours you may experience a headache. Alcohol dehydrates the body, prevents REM sleep, and also depletes nutrients in the body. All these things combined leave your body in a much unhealthier state after consuming alcohol. Due to the lack of sleep and dehydration, your head is likely to hurt. You may also experience joint pain. Drink more water and get some sleep in a sober state to overcome this problem.


Tension headaches are not as severe as migraine headaches, but are recurring and uncomfortable. They are mostly characterized by pain on both sides of your head, near the jaw, but not the top. If you are curious about this, you can read more here and understand how Botox can help resolve the issue. Botox is a surgical procedure, so get clearance from a medical doctor before proceeding.

OTC Pills

Sometimes everything is right, but you’re still suffering from a headache.  A variety of different reasons can often cause this, but a quick solution is over-the-counter pills such as Panadol or Asprin. These provide you with nearly instant relief and are a great solution if you just need a little something extra to get you through the headache.



Warm caffeinated beverages are not just tasty; they are great for improving your mood and reducing headaches. Caffeine has even been shown to help people with migraine by reducing the severity of the headache. Caffeine also helps to reduce the blood flow to different body parts by constricting vessels which helps to reduce the sensation of pain. Taking simple OTC medications helps improve the efficiency of the medicine by increasing the absorption rate in the body.


If you prefer natural medication, then acupuncture is definitely for you. A significant amount of research shows that acupuncture is an effective solution for headaches. Even people suffering from migraine have shown immense improvement after an acupuncture session. If you are considering this option, make sure you get this done by a professional and certified practitioner.



Minor headaches are a common problem that can be caused for various reasons, and everyone experiences them at one point or another. However, if you are experiencing severe or persistent headaches, you should have an expert look into the matter. It could be a sign of a deeper-rooted problem. The sooner you can diagnose the problem the more accessible the treatment will be.

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