4 Steps for Self-Care


In today’s busy world, finding time to be good to yourself is more important than ever. Schedule some self-care activities for yourself so you can manage the stresses of the day now and in the future. Need a few ideas? Try these helpful tips for staying healthy and living your best life.


1. Pay Attention to Your Mental State

If you start feeling anxious or depressed and need help evaluating and managing your condition, consider finding psychiatrist. There is no shame in seeking professional help. Sometimes it takes a neutral third party to talk about your issues in a productive fashion. Many insurance plans cover mental healthcare services and several offices offer a sliding scale for payment based on your income. In addition to individual counseling, there are also group meetings and events you can attend, lots of which are completely free.

2. Rest

Make sure you are sleeping an appropriate amount for your age group. Reserve your bedroom for sleep and avoid using electronics including cell phones and tablets for a few hours before it is time for shuteye. Keep the temperature comfortable and maintain the same schedule for the alarm clock, even on the weekends. Getting the right amount of rest will help you feel energized for the rest of the day and keep up with your responsibilities.

3. Find a Hobby You Enjoy

Do you have a favorite hobby? If not, it is time to find one… or two or three! It is important to set aside time to do things you like. Try out a craft, listen to music, paint a picture, make a scrapbook, or take a cooking class. It is never too late to learn something new. If you have a friend that wants to try something new, invite them along and double the fun. Or, if you need time alone to recharge, it is okay to enjoy your own company. Meditate, reflect, recenter, and get to know yourself a little bit better while you unwind.

4. Get Moving

Take a nature stroll and look for birds and other critters, ride a bike, go swimming, or walk your dog. In addition to the numerous health benefits including lower blood pressure and better muscle tone, a little exercise is good for your soul. There are several formal classes available through community centers in many towns and cities that you can check out. You can also consider joining a gym, but you do not need fancy equipment to get your heart pumping. Consider having an accountability buddy that will do some activities with you to motivate you to get off of the couch. It is important to have a balance of activity and downtime.


Remember that to take care of others, you need to be in a good place mentally and physically. It can be easy to put yourself last, so be mindful of setting aside time to come first. You will be happier and better positioned to perform well at work and at home. Your loved ones will thank you.