Winning The Battle Of The Bulge Surgically


When everything else fails, most individuals look at surgery as the last resort. However in the case o weight loss, it is actually advisable to consider surgery when there is an urgent need to reduce weight and turn healthy. Globally, the percentage of the population that is obese has reached alarming proportions. This is entirely due to lifestyle and dietary habits that are unhealthy, lacking nutritional value. It is only when weight gain crosses a certain point and when it actually begins to impact routine do individuals become aware of the need to reduce weight.


Short-term options are of little or no use

The problem of weight loss actually gets compounded when individuals resort to taking up programs that have short-term goals or claim fast results. Here it is important to apply the tried and tested filter to ascertain the veracity of claims. If a claim is too good to be true, then it probably is and needs to be dropped. The weight that has been accumulated over the years will certainly not reduce over a period of two weeks or a crash diet. It requires a concerted effort and in some instances will require intervention for it to be effective.

The time-tested gold standard for weight reduction – surgery

Weight loss surgery has been and will continue to be the gold standard for weight loss. It comes with the medical supervision of a specialist, with procedures that have been honed to perfection over the years. It offers a long-term weight loss program and helps individuals to stay healthy and fit for a long time with minimal care and a normal lifestyle. It would actually be very difficult to expect individuals to starve themselves all their life. Reduction of intake needs to be slowly and gradually brought about to stabilize and offer results that will not lead to complications.


Bariatric surgery improves quality of life

One of the advantages of bariatric surgery is that it improves the quality of life considerably after the surgery. Individuals who may have experienced considerable social anxiety as a result of obesity will find it easier to partake in social gatherings and choose a wardrobe as desired. This is in sharp contrast to obese individuals who will have to sometimes compromise on the type of clothes they wear, due to abnormal proportions and size. A life free from anxiety results in greater positivity and confidence which reflects in overall satisfaction happiness levels.

Altering the gastrointestinal anatomy

Weight loss surgeries classified as bariatric surgeries typically involve the alteration of the gastrointestinal anatomy. In combination with various factors that include picking the right kind of nutrition, making changes to eating behavior, a limited amount of simple exercises, bariatric surgery offers long-term results that are easy to maintain and enjoy a normal life.  There are instances of extremely overweight individuals undergoing a series of bariatric surgeries to reduce weight and emerging healthy after a sustained weight reduction program. It is possible for individuals who consider themselves as obese to easily and safely reduce weight and maintain it with bariatric surgery.