Why You Really Need (A) Potato Chips Slicer

Do you really need a potato chip slicer? Yes of course, and there are so many reasons why you need one. Potato chip slicer comes in different sizes and cuts making a purchase dependable on your preference. Regardless of your preference, we all share some common gains. The following are the main reasons why you need a potato chips slicer.

Multi-purpose Usage

You can comfortably slice vegetables like zucchini, cassava, eggplant, and apples to your desired shapes to make eye candy deserts.


Possess this and say goodbye to the hustle of having to practice dissecting skills on the potatoes. Peel the potatoes and get your desired slices, many, at one push of the handle. Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend a whole late morning making chips for lunch, I need something fast. I love food and the thought of it lying before me uncooked for long hurts my tummy, so yes to having a potato chip slicer.

Less Oil Usage

No Soggy chips. The thin slices do not retain much oil and guarantee you a crispy feel. You save a lot of oil too as it is not drained by the paper towels after you are done frying them.


The slicer is made of steel which is rust free and some parts have a rubber. Rust accumulating on parts of a machine especially the joints loosens it and it will not be able to withstand workload. You will not have to deal with rust for a long time.

User Safety

Most of the slicers are operated by pushing a handle after placing the potato before the blade. You are therefore less exposed to the shaping blade as opposed to a knife where a small wrong turn or thrust leads to a cut. The base is made of rubber too and this enhances its grip on the working surface for you to work with minimal slipping.

Suitable for Consumers Preference

Ever tried different shapes of fries apart from the long villi-like we grew up accustomed to? Here is the thrill; you can switch from shoestring, curly, waffle, wedge-cut to crinkle with a potato slicer. Just change the blades to the shape you would want to have and give yourself a treat to shapes. Ideal for making bites when you have your friends over or a kid’s party and be that parent that rocks.


You need to evolve from the traditional manner of slicing and embrace modern ways. We are people going to current times and our kitchen should not be left behind.

Final Words

It is the savior (any droller of McDonald’s Fries can attest to that) we have been dying for. Prepare some homemade exotic chips seasoned with some vinegar (trust your taste buds on this) and have a five-star experience when you need to.

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