What Makes the Water Rower So Hyped Up?

If you are into fitness and exercise and enjoy squeezing in workouts whenever you can, then you are likely familiar with different workout equipment. Gyms typically offer an array of equipment that you can utilize, but if you prefer working out alone or do not have a gym near your place, you can also find some workout equipment for your home. Having standard gym equipment at home, however, may not be ideal if you do not have enough space.

Nowadays, there is a growing popularity for portable workout equipment that is easy to use and store at home. The water rower, in particular, is the latest hype in the fitness industry. As its name suggests, it is designed to work similarly to rowing water while in a boat. While this may seem different from your usual workout equipment, water rowers have gained significant popularity due to the benefits they have to offer.

If you are looking for workout equipment to have at home, consider looking into water rowers. You will be surprised at how beneficial they can be for your body and health, and may also enjoy the uniqueness of the movement!

Water Rower

Targets Upper and Lower Body

In your usual workouts, you would target specific areas of your body to concentrate on, such as your core, upper body, or lower body. With a water rower, you can target many of your major muscles in the upper and lower body. The consistent rowing movement works your shoulders and upper back, in particular, and helps improve your posture since you have to maintain proper form. Similarly, you also have to engage your major leg muscles like your quadriceps and glutes, so you essentially work out your entire body.

Low Impact but Effective

If high impact workouts are not suitable for you or your health, then water rowers are excellent alternatives. They provide a low impact workout that can help you get an equally effective workout without having to harm your body or cause any form of pain. Water rowing machines will help your body get the exercise it needs with minimal stress on your joints.

Easy to Store

Perhaps one of the most sellable factors of water rowers is the fact that they are extremely convenient and easy to store. With most workout equipment being so bulky, you typically need to allot a huge space. With water rowers, you can easily stand the equipment upright, with the base only taking up as small as two square feet.

Good for Endurance

Rowing takes lots of strength and endurance and may cause soreness in your body if you are still new to the exercise. There are, however, significant long-term effects of using the rowing machine, which includes improving your endurance and getting higher productivity.

Rowing is known to be an effective aerobic exercise since it can get your heart rate up without causing too much strain on your muscles. As a result, you will also see an improvement in your stamina, which may help you take on more intense workouts in the future, as well as an overall improvement in health.

In an unusual turn of events, the water rowing machine that was featured on Netflix’s House of Cards has boomed in popularity as an exercise machine. With the prospect of having a portable machine that can target major muscle groups and help you get your exercise done, there really is no doubt about the hype surrounding water rowers today.