Water Filtration and Your Health- What’s The Link?


There are upsetting statistics on water pollution and the negative effects of contaminated water on human health. Many people are now frequenting shops seeking the purest bottled water. Sadly, this is costly and may not be a sustainable option. Are there other alternatives? Sure, yes!


Water Filtration


Water filtration works magic! It’s rising in popularity, and acquiring the best fluoride water filter may fix all your water woes. Fixing a water filter in your home helps eliminate toxic elements from your water, and the gains are apparent.

How can you choose the best water filtration system for home use?

There are different water filter brands in the market. Picking the right unit ensures a continuous supply of clean water, and better health. Search information on the best filters, how they work, and their pros and cons. Compare features and prices of filters from different brands and choose the best one for your needs. Some of the key aspects to consider are:


Type of water– The pollutants in tap water vary between regions. In some areas, tap water has high chlorine levels and other chemicals, while others battle with microbes. Test the quality of your water before acquiring a filtration unit. You can as well talk to an expert about the best water filter for your home and location.

Unit type& Usage-Water filters are approved for both residential and commercial use. Some are under-sink filters, countertop units, and shower filters. All these functions differently; some use reverse osmosis while others use UV light or filtering technologies. All these aspects should guide you in picking the most suitable unit.

Quality– The best water filter eliminates all the contaminants from your water. But, you can only achieve this with a high-quality unit. Purchase one from a reputable brand or dealer, which ensures that you get the best value for your cash. A quality filter is also durable and will save you a lot of money on maintenance costs.

Cost– water filters come at different sizes and prices. Pick one within your budget, but ensure that it’s quality and suitable for all your needs.

Size– Filtration units come in varying sizes, and you should pick one to fit your space. For instance, if seeking an under-sink filter, you don’t need to pick a very big unit if you have limited space.


How will drinking filtered water improve your health?

  1. Elimination of toxins

Tap water contains a host of toxic chemicals from hazardous waste materials and runoffs. These contaminate water bodies, and the water ends up in your home. However, with a water filter at home, you will eliminate all these pollutants. This way, you get clean and better-tasting drinking water and protect yourself from many disease-causing organisms and harmful substances like lead and mercury.

  1. Filtered water tastes better

Filtration expels all the contaminants from your drinking water, making it pure and safe to drink. The process also removes chlorine and bacteria that can make water from your tap have a bad odor. The potency of the odor varies from an area to the other and makes tap water intolerable. The result of filtration is better tasting and safe drinking water.

  1. Filtered water contains healthy minerals

A water filtration system will eliminate all the harmful minerals that can affect your health. The process will preserve any useful minerals in the water, and these can improve your health in many ways. A water filter gives you the luxury of the healthy minerals that you expect to get from bottled water.

  1. Reduced food contamination

You can use filtered water for many chores in your home; these include cooking and washing. When you prepare food with filtered water, it will be free from contaminants and will taste better. Moreover, washing your fruits and vegetables with filtered water also allows you to consume contaminant-free food, which helps prevent infections.

  1. Water filtration prompts you to drink more

As mentioned earlier, filtered water is good-tasting, and you’re likely to drink more of it than unfiltered or tap water. We are all aware of the benefits of drinking enough water, and staying hydrated can significantly benefit your health.

With a water filter at home, your children also stand to benefit. Kids hate the taste of water, but they will drink more once you install a water filter. And this translates to better health for both you and your loved ones.

  1. Improved skin& Hair health

Filtered water plays a critical role in the hydration of your body. It’s pure and keeps off contaminants from your skin. Hydration also helps keep skin infections at bay, fights wrinkles, acne, and results in healthy radiant skin. Not drinking enough results in a plump epidermal layer, dull kin, and build-up of epidermal cells, aggravating skin conditions.

On the other hand, pollutants in your drinking water can break the protective layer around your follicles. This way, your hair becomes brittle, dull, and rough. A water filter at home makes it possible to shower with pure water, helping reduce hair fall and restoring that glossy look.

  1. Filtered water expedites the body metabolism

Drinking filtered water will help boost your metabolism, enhancing the optimal functioning of your body and absorption of nutrients. You’re also likely to increase your water intake with a water filter at home. This, coupled with regular exercises, can improve your metabolism, and this enhances your overall health.

  1. Facilitating weight loss

Drinking enough water is the best way to stay hydrated. Water contains no sugar, caffeine, and many other ingredients that can leave you dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to weight gain; when you lack enough water in your body, you’re likely to feel hungry, which prompts you to over-eat.

However, drinking filtered water hydrates your body, and this reduces the temptation of eating more. Filter water also improves metabolism and promotes digestion, and these are critical for weight loss.

Final thoughts

Installing a water filter in your home will undoubtedly improve your health. Form weight loss to hydration and improved skin health, the gains are worth mentioning. Pick the right filter and research well before making purchases. Determine the components of your water through quality testing, and learn how different water filtration units operate. This way, it will be easier to make the right determination.