Tips To Help Identify Contact Dermatitis

Does your skin attain a red color and become irritated after using a new type of skincare product or detergent? If so, you may have contact dermatitis. The condition occurs after your skin reacts to chemicals it comes in contact with. Contact dermatitis is an itchy rash and happens because your skin or body is allergic or reacts to substances it is exposed to. If the rash occurs in sensitive areas like the mouth and eyes or covers large areas of the body, you need to visit Manhattan Dermatology to seek treatment. These dermatologists’ tips will help you identify what is causing your contact dermatitis.

Rash beneath shoes, clothing, or jewelry

If you develop a rash after wearing gloves, shoes, jewelry, buckle, a zipper, or clothing, you can try to stop wearing the items for a couple of days. The rash may start to clear away after stopping wearing the item, meaning that it is triggering the rash. You may want to narrow down the cause by looking at specific parts of clothing, shoes, or jewelry that may cause allergic reactions to your skin. It could be a fabric softener, dye, metal, or something else.

You may develop allergic reactions to jewelry pieces you have been wearing for years, and often, the cause is a metal known as nickel. Even wedding rings can lead to the condition, which is where the term ‘wedding ring dermatitis’ comes from.

Rash forming on the face

Finding the cause of a facial rash may be a challenge because of the many things that come in contact with facial skin. However, you want to see whether you developed the rash after trying some new makeup, fragrance, or eye cream. You could be allergic to the ingredients in those products. If you use tweezers and eyelash curlers, since they contain nickel, they could cause skin allergy.

If rubbing your eyes is causing a rash on the face, you may have indirectly come into contact with a substance that can trigger contact dermatitis. If you wear artificial nails or nail polish, they can cause a rash on the face, even when you do not have a rash on the hands. The facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the body and may develop rashes that other parts do not.

Rash forming on neck, chest, hairline, or side of the face

You may develop a rash on the side of the face if you use your cell phone. This may indicate you are allergic to chromium or nickel and other metals used to make phones. If you recently switched your conditioner or shampoo, you could have a rash as the product goes down the body while rinsing. You may have a rash on the hairline, chest, side of the face, or on your neck. If you recently used a perm solution or hair dye, it can also contribute to contact dermatitis.

Seek treatment if the rash is severe and causes symptoms like oozing, blisters, raw skin, or intense itching. Also, see a dermatologist if the rash does not clear within a few weeks, if it comes and goes, or if it occurs because of something within your workplace.