The Unexpected Benefits Of The Right Foot Massage


We live in a stressful world, filled with daily worries and deadlines. Often enough, we burden ourselves with deadlines, toxic people or situations and forget the little pleasures of life. A good movie, a warm smile, breakfast with the loved one, reading a good book or having a massage – these all small pleasures seem to not fit into our busy schedules any longer. And, we do find ourselves the right time we cannot stop worrying about our other problems and are not entirely in the mood for celebration. But why not stop for a second and give ourselves a little time out? Why not look after our bodies and souls with little yet efficient tricks?


The Asian culture is known for centuries to be the one looking for the perfect harmony of the body and soul through massage and massage techniques. Asians still believe that many of the body’s affections can be cured through different massage techniques, as well as acupuncture and, in fact, all body flaws require nothing more but touching the right areas and centers. So, whether you choose to appeal to a specialized massage salon or enjoy the comfort of the best electric massage chair in the privacy of your own home, here are some of the most unexpected benefits that a good foot massage can trigger in you:

Improves your sex life

Believe it or not, you do not require special fantasies to rekindle the light in your bedroom and make the most out of a romantic night with your beloved one. Forget about crazy Kamasutra positions or role plays if you are not into it. All you need is some of your beloved scented massage oil, a few candles and, additionally, the perfect musical ambiance to set the mood straight. A good foot massage is more erotic that you may think of at first.

A selfless gesture of massaging your significant other’s feet can really set the mood for a steamy night. Pushing the right centers may cause extreme pleasure and relief tension, as well as work on different organs for a better health. Feet, are extremely erogenous parts and, if touched accordingly, can trigger infinite pleasure. Start by applying a small amount of scented massage oil on the heels and on the foot. Gently massage each and every toe and press hard. This will release tension and determine the foot to relax. Heels require special care too as, by default, the skin surrounding that area is harder and, thus, less responsive to touch. Continue to the upper leg by smooth circular motions and don’t forget to alternate smooth movements with firm, even harsh pushes.


Improves blood circulation

What better move to set your blood into motion if not by applying a general or a targeted massage? Alternated moves – soft and hard presses of the feet can not only release tension but also improve blood circulation and prevent varicose and sore feet. The best time to apply the foot massage to stimulate blood circulation is before bed. 10-20 minutes of regular pressing and gently rubbing the feet will set the blood into motion and will fight against the sensation of tired feet and release tension from muscles. This technique is specifically important for people suffering from diabetes and any other affection that prevent proper blood irrigation towards the extremities of the body – nose, arms, and feet.

Prevents foot and ankle injuries

Whether or not you are an active person, a good fashioned foot massage will definitely release tension from your muscles and prepare you for a long walk, a long day at work wearing uncomfortable shoes or heels, or a marathon runner. The main source of small feet and ankle injuries in people who work out is the lack of a proper warm-up prior to the physical effort. Thus, next time you think about jogging, hitting the gym or going for a swim, bear in mind that you can easily prevent minor injuries by warming up your muscles a little bit before. Your feet and ankles will thank you for the massage treatments as well as for keeping them safe and sound!

Alleviate menopause and PMS syndromes


Each woman knows that PMS is a true struggle as it comes as a carousel of mixed feelings, both good and bad. From anxiety to sadness, depression, unhappiness, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, anger, and muscle pains – there is no woman who has not suffered from at least one of these cases prior to her menstruation. And what better way to remove stress and quickly induce a sense of calm, peace and serene happiness if not through the benefits of a good foot massage? Whether you appeal to a specialized foot massager or to the miraculous hands of your significant other, a few minutes of intensively rubbing your feet will release tension, anxiety and will increase the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.