The Need To Differentiate Between Various Types Of Weed

First-time growers of marijuana may sometimes be flummoxed when they come across material about marijuana seeds. Without knowing the differences among seeds, such growers run the risk of having the wrong kind of seeds planted. It is, therefore, necessary for growers to fully understand all about marijuana seeds before venturing into growing their own weed. Here is the lowdown on the different varieties and categories which will help a grower to understand more about the seeds.

  • Autoflowering Seeds – These seeds automatically start flowering around three months, or a fixed period of time and this Happens regardless of the change in the light cycle.  This effectively means that the harvest cycles are a lot faster, and will be easy to handle because of the shorter size of the plants. The downside of having auto-flowering seeds is the inability to get a higher yield. Because of its auto-flowering nature, the stage of vegetation which is usually used to grow the plants into bigger sizes will be lost.
  • Photo Period Seeds – These seeds are the regular seeds, and they are more suitable for growers who intend to maximize their yields with a limited number of plants. As growers have more control over the flowering process, this gives the grower the ability to extend the vegetation stage and move into the flowering cycle later, to ensure that the yield is bigger in size. This will be a boon for growers who may need to comply with rules regarding the number of plants that they are permitted to grow. By extending the vegetative stage, it is possible to be fully compliant, but at the same time ensure that the yield is high.
  • Indoor Seeds – Among the different types of marijuana seeds, these seeds typically offer high potent buds and require a certain amount of care that needs to be taken for the plants. The quantity of yield will be comparatively lower when compared with strains that are grown outdoors. With this variety of seeds, the benefit lies in the fact that the yield can be harvested or grown all through the years, regardless of the climatic conditions.
  • Outdoor Seeds – These seeds typically offer a higher yield and are easy to grow compared with indoor seeds. However, the quality is comparatively on the lesser side when viewed in the context of indoor weeds. Growing a patch with outdoor seeds will be inexpensive compared to the indoor varieties. However, depending on the climatic condition of the location, it may not be possible to have a yield or grow the weed all through the year.
  • Weed Strains – This is another important aspect that needs to be considered. By choosing the right strain it is possible to get the desired effect or results from the weed. For instance, if the need is for medicinal effects, then the strain needs to have a higher ratio of CBD in it. It is important to choose from among the two major families of strains – Indica and Sativa.