The Future of Quitting Smoking Is in a Vape


There are few habits that exist where a higher percentage of participants wished they weren’t taking part in it than smoking. If giving up cigarettes was easy to do there would be almost no smokers left in the world. Quitting is a challenge, however, and doing so without the right assistance can feel nearly impossible. One modern tool that is changing the way people quit is the vaporizer, which can be used to take in nicotine in a safer way.


Vaping Nearly Doubles Your Odds

Simply put, using salt nic juice products to get your nicotine hit without the baggage of a cigarette is the most effective way to stop smoking for good. Studies have shown that those who tried to quit smoking using vapes as a substitute were nearly twice as successful as those taking other nicotine replacement therapies. If maximizing your chances of success is your priority then you should strongly consider using a vape to help you beat the habit.

Tapering Nicotine Intake is Easy

The reason many people looking to quit smoking turn to aides like vapes or patches is that quitting cold turkey is just too difficult. Rather than totally cutting out nicotine altogether, tapering your nicotine levels until you don’t feel the craving at all is a better solution. Nothing makes tapering your nicotine intake easier than vapes. You slowly but surely reduce the nicotine levels in your e-juice until you don’t need nicotine and are using just flavoring or not vaping anymore.

It’s Less Invasive to Those Around You

Smoking isn’t just a hazard for you, but for those around you, too. In addition to the dangers of secondhand smoke, when you light up you are also subjecting those around you to smoke in the air and the lingering smell that remains long after your cigarette is gone. The water vapors in an e-juice product with nicotine evaporate and stop creating odors much more quickly than cigarette smoke.

Cravings Can Be Addressed Instantly

Most efforts to quit smoking end with the same unfortunate story. After a period of great success with not a single cigarette, eventually, a craving arises that is just too strong to combat. When that time comes the former-smoker breaks down, and just one to calm the urge becomes just one more, and before they know it they’re back to smoking at your pre-quitting rate. With nicotine vaping products this doesn’t have to be how the story ends. While you should try to stick to your planned scaling down of nicotine intake when the time comes where you are facing an urge that is too strong to resist, rather than breaking and turning to your old pack you can just take an extra pull off your vape to make the need go away.


Vaping Is Allowed in More Spaces

As the dangers of smoking have become more well-known it has become increasingly common to encounter smoking bans. Both indoor spaces and outdoor settings can be subject to bans. Vaping products are not subject to these same restrictions and many places will allow you to vape but not to smoke. Vapes have even been used on the floor of the House of Representatives for quitting smoking.

It Tastes Great

The latest trend in vaping is salt based e juice. Whatever your personal tastes are there’s a good chance there’s a vaping juice available that distills it down to its purest essence and lets you plug it into your vape. There are many different flavors from fruity to sweet to savory. No matter your tastes, there’s an option for you.

By taking your craving for cigarettes and satisfying it with a product that is safer, more accepted, tastier, and more respectful of others, you can radically transform your life for the better.

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