Spondylitis – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment via Spine Rehabilitation

Most get neck pain or back pain due to long hours of sitting or over exerting ourselves or using laptop and phones for too long. Spondylitis very different from the occasional back and neck pain you feel. It is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the spinal joints.

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What is Spondylitis?

Spondylitis is the inflammation of the vertebrae. It causes stiffness between your vertebrae i.e. your cervical/neck bones, Upper back and Lumbar / lower back bones. Over a period of time, spondylitis causes your vertebral column to lose its flexibility. In severe cases, the backbone (vertebrae) may fuse together and develop an unnatural curvature of the spine or scoliosis

Symptoms of Spondylitis

  1. Back & Neck pain, specifically the lower back.
  2. Pain around the shoulder blade.
  3. Stiffness in the neck and lower back in the morning, which eases down as the day progresses.
  4. Continuous fatigue.

5.Difficulty in bending, walking and climbing.

These were some of the Spondylitis symptoms. You should not confuse acute back pain with Spondylitis. If you experience any of these signs consult a spine specialist doctor for your pain.

Causes of Spondylitis

There is no known cause of this condition however there are certain risk factors that increase your chance of developing it

  • Gender and Age – Men are more likely to develop this
  • Heredity or genetics
  • Age – This has been seen mostly in adolescence ( early childhood) or young adults

Imaging tests such as X-Rays or MRIs and Blood Tests may be done to diagnose the condition

The following factors can cause pain to worsen

  1. Incorrect & uncomfortable posture for a prolonged period of time.
  2. Lifting heavy weight causing strain on the neck.
  3. Neck or back injury.
  4. Being inactive & over-weight.

Treatment of Spondylitis

Spondylitis does not have a cure but its progression can be slowed down with medication o. Advanced Device Based Physical Therapy or Spine Rehabilitation is the best known non-surgical treatment which the neck pain or back pain can be reduced.

Spondylitis treatment may not be possible entirely but managing or treating spondylitis pain naturally without surgery is possible by

Moving more  – You should make sure that there are no long periods of immobility. Your spine should not feel stiff or be in a bent position. Many smart watches warn you when you are seated in one position for a longer duration. Make sure that you take small breaks from your work and do some range-of-motion exercises.

Stretching and movement– Based on your age, physique, and other vital characteristics; you should opt for stretching exercises that are not stressful. It is always recommended to consult your spine doctor or physiotherapist before doing any stretches at home

Yoga – Yoga is known to calm your body and mind, but one thing that many people do not is that it is a natural pain reliever for Spondylitis. Based on the instructions from your Yoga instructor, you should modify some positions so that it provides more relief to your back & neck.

Device Based Physiotherapy or Spine Rehabilitation – Many top orthopedics and spine doctors recommend surgery of neck or spine or the area where you experiencing pain. However, surgery should only be considered if all else fails to relieve that pain.

Neck & Spine specialists like QI Spine Clinic have advanced technological methods called Spine Cell Repair Technology which not only reduces pain but also repairs damaged cells and inflammation of the spine. Another technology called Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) can pinpoint the weak areas of the spine. DSA is the first clinically accepted test for measuring the spine function. Once the problem is diagnosed, the patient can undergo a Spine/Neck Rehabilitation therapy.

These were some of the neck pain treatment mechanisms and it is highly recommended that you visit a physician when you experience pain in neck/back. Though many doctors would suggest surgery, it is not the right option since Spine rehabilitation and advance physiotherapy has all the necessary answers.