What It Truly Means To Be Spiritually Healthy

There are many definitions of spiritual health and even more touted ways to improve your spiritual health. For some people, spiritual health means your level of presence, your state of awareness and connectedness to the greater universe. To others, spiritual health means the power of the mind to affect the health of the body and some believe that spells and meditation can act as a medicine to prevent or treat physical diseases. To other people still, spiritual health means your ability to live in a state of zen, of non-reactivity, where no situations or feelings are really negative or positive.

In this article, we will delve into what it truly means to be spiritually healthy.

Spiritual Health Through Magic

For many of us when we think of the word spiritual we think of the world of the paranormal; the things we cannot see that are part of our world and yet somehow do not abide by its rules. People who believe in spirituality in this sense, often believe that we can affect our physical health through witchcraft. We reached out to one witch who told us she could help people to get ready for the summer with a few weight loss spells, as well as performing other spells to give people luck or help them attract their crush. There are a variety of spells and incantations that witches can cast and that have different effects on our mental and physical health. Whilst we may think of magical spells as being something out of fantasy stories, the practice of witchcraft has been around for centuries.

Religious Spiritual Health

For religious people, the condition of their spiritual health is dictated by their adherence to the laws of their religion and how well they live their lives. Christians, for example, believe a person who follows the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus in the Bible will be spiritually healthy and that when they die they will go to Heaven. On the other hand, Christians believe that someone who goes against those teachings and does not repent is spiritually unhealthy and may go to Hell when they die. All the major religions have similar belief sets that link their eternal spiritual health to their actions in life.

Eastern spiritual health

For some people, spiritual health is affected by their state of presence. This means a person’s ability to just be in the moment, without thinking, and without looking back to the past or forward to the future. This kind of mindset comes from Eastern philosophies which in recent decades have seen enormous growth in popularity and practice in Western countries. Proponents of presence practice such as author Eckhart Tolle, believe that by being fully present in the moment, feeling the energy of your body and spirit, you are far less likely to become ill. Spiritual health for them is intrinsically linked to physical health, but does not require anything other than being present in the moment.

To be spiritually healthy means different things to different people, but all share one key similarity; it is a positive quality that is not the same as our physical well being, but is something much deeper and more profound.