Smart Drugs – Making inroads into Mainstream Drugs


The brain is the essence of your being. Of course, we have several drugs that take care of your day to day mineral and other requirements. How about the drugs and medications that take care of your brain and its functioning? Commonly referred to as Smart Drugs, the category of medication hitherto stayed away from the mainstream medication options, now has been making an inroad into it. We will cover the category of smart drugs and how effective they can be in today’s post.


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What are Smart Drugs?

Smart Drugs are those chemical substances that would help you have great effects on the cognition and memory. They also facilitate learning. These are normally referred to as nootropics.

Nootropics or Smart Drugs are the medications, drugs, or supplements that affect your mental balance and other mental functions. In fact, they are not any extra substances or any special substances that you would need to search for. They can include the common stimulants like ginseng, herbal supplements, caffeine and other common elements that stimulate you. They would also include specific prescriptions like those used in treating Alzheimer’s or ADHD.


How Effective are Smart Drugs?
There are essentially two types of smart drugs. You can either opt for the common stimulant drugs or the herbal supplements.

The common stimulants provide you a feeling of well-being. They improve your alertness. The alertness and effective attention can go a long way in enhancing your concentration and focus. However, do note that you need to take these stimulants in quite moderate quantities. Over the top use can cause negative results and reverse their positive effects. Some of the side effects of the uncontrolled use of smart drugs can cause decreased cognition. You may also experience increased heartbeat and other cardiovascular issues. Caffeine, Nicotine, and Amphetamines are a few examples.

The herbal supplements can be a little on the safer side than the stimulants. Nature has bestowed us with a host of great herbs and many of them are shown to have great effects on your memory and cognition. In fact, they have been used over the centuries to treat medical conditions that tend to be mental in nature. Some of the effective smart drugs in the form of herbal medicines have been observed to work effectively in case of dementia, lack of concentration and Alzheimer’s disease. Some examples are Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and Bacopa monnieri.

Some Representative Examples of Smart Drugs

Well, there are several smart drugs that have been of practical importance. We have chosen a few representative drugs that have proved themselves effective in addressing a few issues concerning your mental health.



Current work practice involves working in shifts. This can cause acute sleep disorders. There can be several reasons that can cause sleep apnea.

Many manufacturers supply the drug as Armod,and it has found to have widespread application in conditions of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy, for those who are unaware, is a medical condition where a patient faces daytime sleepiness. It also doubles up as one of the excellent preparation in taking care of memory, focus, productivity, motivation, and other conditions. In fact, Armod is used primarily as an alternative to Amphetamines. Amphetamines have been found to have adverse effects like addiction to the drug.

Opting for Armod in the form of generic medicine instead of a branded option will save you money. It can be quite helpful in treating narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, or obstructive sleep apnea. If you do not have any allergy issues to the substance, it should be completely safe to use the medication. Only conditions that may require consulting a doctor is when you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.

Generic Narcolepsy Medication


ADHD is indeed a serious concern. In fact, the patient would face issues in concentration. Being affected by ADHD syndrome can be evidenced through a host of symptoms. Both being quite restless or hyperactive are indicative of ADHD.

Though ADHD can start in childhood, it can have significant effects all through your adolescence and adulthood. ADHD can also manifest itself through narcolepsy in many cases. Narcolepsy can have severe implications. Doctors do not have exact reasons that cause the sleep disorder. Of course, there are several Antinarcoleptic drugs you can opt for. Opting for generic drugs can help you steer clear from the issues you may face when opting for branded options. In fact, there is practically no difference between a generic medicine and a branded one. Choosing a generic option is what would help you save money and stay safe from any side effects that a branded medication can cause.


Modafinil is yet another generic medicine that can go a long way in addressing the narcolepsy and several other sleep disorder issues you may be going through. Some of the indications that Modafinil can be helpful include Narcolepsy Shift work sleep disorder, Obstructive sleep apnea, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Jet lag, Chronic fatigue, and Apathy in depression.

It can also be quite helpful for ADHD related symptoms. Experts have indicated its effectiveness in addressing the medical conditions like wakefulness promotion and cognitive enhancement. The drug is being used as the over the counter option, but experts warn against the extensive usage in healthy persons, who do not have any issues related to ADHD, narcolepsy and sleep disorders. However, its practical usage observed in areas like decreased productivity, lack of concentration, fatigue, sensitivity to weather,etc.


The Smart Drugs – The Parting Words

Well, Smart Drugs or nootropics are quite helpful in handling a host of concentration related issues. They help you with chemical transfers and aid in altering their exchange. You may face a few side effects, but most of the times – these symptoms are quite on the safer side. The ideal conditions that you should take care of are similar to the kind of care you would take while handling a few health conditions. Some typical examples are pregnant or breastfeeding women, children below a certain age, and people with known allergic conditions to certain drugs.

Smart drugs are looked down upon by in current standards, but there has been ample proof to indicate the smartdrugs can help you improve your cognitive powers. We would definitely look ahead to an improved emphasis on the smartdrugs and would expect the genre to gain more momentum.