Why Is Skin Care So Important?

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Skin care is essential to beauty, not only makeup. However, the new generation growing into this stage of their life find skin care products slightly boring and feel that it isn’t necessary; what with the amount of foundation you can pile onto your face to hide the fact that your skin isn’t healthy or cared for.

We are trying to make skin care more appealing for the new generation because let’s face it, skin care is important. How do we do this? Appearance is everything. With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter being the epitome of popularity, the packaging of an item is extremely important. No one wants to upload a photo of a product that looks drab. They all want something that looks fancy, expensive and will fit with their favorite Instagram filter perfectly.

Many women focus mainly on face wash. They ignore the moisturizers as well as hydrators and rather just wash all the excess makeup off and move on. You would think that these would be focused on due to the anti-ageing effects that these products have for your skin. These effects are long term too, but it seems that the new generation focuses on the here and the now so companies have to appeal to them in some other way.

As one example, EugeniaShea.com shea butter is one of the best products one can use to moisturize your skin. It contains vitamins A, E as well as F and UV protection. It smoothes the skin, moisturizes and reduces inflammation. You can even use it during pregnancy to ward off those terribly unwanted stretch marks.

Women these days are mostly focussed on flawless skin, but at fault they rely on makeup for this instead of skin care; not realizing that skin care will provide flawless skin for years to come while makeup is only temporary and definitely can’t cover up those inevitable wrinkles at the age of 50.

The difference between makeup and skin care, however, are slowly being joined like eye cream being tinted and foundation that is combined with hydrators. Even though the new generation say they don’t use skin care, in essence, they do.

During research there were a lot of changes when it came to the lifestyle of the new generation, for example, their decrease of time in the sunlight and when they did actually go out into the sun, they protected themselves against it. This makes it difficult for skin care companies to recommend skin care products to people who seem not to need it. Therefore, they need to take a different route.

While the process of skin care may not apply to their Instagram accounts, it will definitely help them in the long run when they hit age 60 and realize that those wrinkles and uneven skin tone are not going away.

Skin care comes in two forms, and it’s up to the client to decide what they’ll do and when they’ll do it, hopefully not too far down the road. It can be simple moisturizers and cleansers to going to the dermatologist’s front door for painful Botox and lasers. At some point we need to start, so why not now?

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