Reduce belly fat in 1 month with Indian foods


You try your denim and then reality hits you like a punch. You are getting fat and your denim is already old. Belly fat has created many problems in India which is not restricted to age. If you are having this problem and looking for a solution then this post is for you.


Not everyone is able to follow a monthly diet to reduce belly fat. Some people also opt for weight loss surgery, which is a quick solution with better results. You don’t have to go through the pain of dieting, exercising and then hoping to lose weight after trying so hard. But if you are capable of moving a muscle and cut your diet, then hope you will like this article.

Before discussing the diet plan, let’s look out the causes of belly fat.

Reduce belly fat


Common causes of belly fat


Men tend to deposit fat in their abdominal area due to a deficiency in testosterone, whereas in the case of women they store fat on buttocks, hips, thighs. There are some other reasons which are given below:

  • Lifestyle changes: The main reason for gaining weight is because of the unhealthy lifestyle and no activity. According to a study, even if you lose weight and still follow the same sedentary lifestyle, you will gain back weight.
  • Unhealthy foods: This simply means that consuming unhealthy foods which consist of sugar, alcohol, beverages, low protein diets, low fiber diets, junk food.
  • Genetic: In some cases, the reason behind belly fat is genetics. According to research, our genes determine where and how fat cells will be stored in the body. This also means genetic body type shape, if you have an apple body shape, then you might have inherited from your parents.

What type of belly fat do you have?

There are 2 types of belly fat which are:

  • Subcutaneous fat: This fat is less harmful and is a kind of protective layer which is located under the skin. The fat cells are active and they can contribute to health conditions.
  • Visceral fat: This fat is between the organs and midsection. It’s hard to determine visceral fat when compared to the former one. Visceral fat is dangerous as it’s one of the reasons behind high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

What is the right way to reduce belly fat?

If you love food, which means junk food, then all those junk food might have taken a toll on your body till now. The science behind reducing the belly fat is the same as reducing fat from any part of the body. You just need to follow a calorie deficit diet which means consuming low-calorie food, so your body takes calories which are stored as fat. Low-calorie deficit diet means a healthy diet, so your body gets all the nutrients to stay active. A wrong approach will make all the efforts foul. It doesn’t mean you will have to 1000 crunches, but a simple diet will do wonders.


Diet plan to reduce belly fat

Here is a diet plan which will help you to lose the fat and get back in shape, you can reduce your waist size upto 3 inches if you follow this diet.

Morning: 8 am – 10 am

Begin your breakfast with low carbs and high protein diet: Coffee or tea with Dalia or oatmeal.

Alternative: Moong dal dosa, plain parantha with no oil


Lunch 1 pm – 2 pm

A small portion of complex carbs and high protein: 1 roti, salad, 1 cup of vegetables, egg raita

Alternative: Brown rice with a protein source or moong dal dosa

After 30 minutes: 1 cup of green tea

Evening snack: 4 pm


1 cup of sprouts, 1 fruit, soya chunks or paneer

Drink lots of water which will keep you hydrated.

Now here are the food tips to lose belly fat quicker

  • Detox your body: Detoxification will help to lose belly fat. There are plenty of detox drinks which can detoxify your body which includes consuming plenty of water, avoiding salt, consumption of fruits. This is also known as a detox diet which is known to reduce the belly fat from the body.
  • Add protein to your diet: Add protein to your diet, as by consuming high-protein foods is a good way to lose belly fat. This can boost metabolisms and reduce your cravings. So, you better notch up the intake of protein foods in your diet. Sources of protein are nuts, cottage cheese, dairy products, peanut butter.
  • Relax and sleep like a baby: Sleeping late at night is one of the unhealthiest habits. This can have bad effects on your daily routine. This can lower your immunity level and you are prone to depression. Take a healthy diet and take sleep for around 7-8 hours.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise routine will not only help in weight loss but will also keep you fit. You don’t have to do heavy exercises. Even 30 minutes exercise such as brisk walking will do the trick.

Foods to burn belly fat

When you are eating and not getting any result, then you should do some alterations to your diet. You can introduce these Indian foods which will complete your diet.

  • Almonds: Almonds are high in protein and are not low in calories. Consuming them in your diet to a good proportion. This helps in weight loss and reduce to abdominal fats.
  • Legumes: Legumes such as kidney beans, navy beans are the best source of fiber and protein. This helps to lower the body inflammation, maintain insulin level.
  • Coconut oil: The oil is a reliable source to cut the belly fat as it contains a combination of fatty acids which boost your metabolism.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is the healthiest option which is useful in many diets. This food takes time to digest and is good to achieve a flat stomach.
  • Garlic: Garlic is a super weight-loss food. According to research garlic tends to inhibit the accumulation of fats and also helps in smooth blood circulation.

Foods to avoid for belly fat

There are some high carb foods which you should avoid and deep-fried edibles too. There are chances that excess fat will be stored around your waistline.

You will have to decrease the consumption of these foods:

  • Sugar intake: Foods which are loaded with sugar increase liver and belly fat causing problems. This includes sugar-based drinks. Excess sugar means a large amount of fructose, which will accumulate in your belly.
  • Alcohol: These drinks have high-calorie content and there is no nutritional value present. This increases fat below your waistline. You should stop drinking alcohol for better health.
  • Fried foods: Heartburn, acid reflux and stomach upset are some of the side effects when you consume fried foods. Whenever you see a stall of junk food stall, remember that junk food takes longer to digest.
  • Limit potato intake: This is equivalent to sugar which leaves craving for food. The best way is to stop overloading potatoes. Also, potato chips are cooked in hydrogenated which are trans fats.

So, if you follow all these methods then you will be able to reduce belly fat in 1 month. You will have to be strict with your diet. If you will consume junk food, alcohol, then you will not see any improvement in your belly fat.