Three Fundamental Questions to ask a Health Insurance Agency


Hey, you probably know how it’s difficult to pay your medical bills at USA. Yes, paying for medical treatments in the USA can be very much expensive and even a few visits or consultations with the doctor may cost you few hundred dollars. And in fact, many of the US citizens are unable to pay for their medical bills. Who knows when we will get ill or get injured? It remains unexpected expenses in most of the case. So, I don’t say there is a complete pure solution for this problem… but health insurance can help you lessen your expenses and can protect you from accidental huge medical bills.


Now, you may wonder how? I will explain to you…

Normally, an insurance company works like this… It will collect money from the vast majority of the people periodically. And then, in that vast majority, it identifies the people who get injured or some illness liable to the insurance plan. From the general deposit money, it gives the person money to spend on their medical expenses. That is why all the insurance companies are fond of enrolling the people in their company so that the probability of the people getting sick will be less when compared to the total enrolments. Health insurance companies have listed in detail all kinds of risks and accidents. It gets you covered totally when it comes to health problems. But there is a wide range of policies and plans to choose from and get started.

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There are 3 important questions you must ask a health insurance agency:

Which hospitals/services are covered under the insurance policy?

Health insurance companies have tie-up with hospitals, services like emergency clinics, labs, medical stores and so on. You have to be sure about which hospitals and services come under your health insurance provider lists. There are many hospitals and services, which have insurance coverage for their patients. You only have to confirm your health insurance provider which hospitals and services do they cover.

If the hospital you got treatment is not in connection with your health insurance company… then probably you won’t get covered by the insurance policy. Thus, you will end up paying the huge medical bills by yourself.

So it is always better to ensure that whether the concerned hospital comes under your health insurance providers list.


What treatments or services does your insurance plan cover?

Something medicinal services change has done in the U.S. (under the Affordable Care Act) is to acquaint more standardization with protection plan benefits. Prior to such standardization, the benefits offered fluctuated radically from plan to plan.

In recent days, more standardization has occurred in the medical industry of the U.S. This standardization comes under the Affordable Care Act. It increases the benefits for the U.S citizens and gives more protection plan. Before this implement of this act, there used to be more fluctuation from plan to plan without any standardization. You should ensure what treatments your insurance plan covers…

For foreigners, i.e.non-U.S people it is extremely important to ask this question. Before getting into the insurance, you should know what does the plan cover and does it suitable for your needs.

What will be the cost of insurance?


If you tend to pay low amount, then you will gain accordingly from the insurance plan. You cannot cover costly treatment over a cheap policy plan. So to put it more bluntly, anyhow you have to pay the price for your medical bills.

The question is whether you want to pay it now or later.

In any case, you will pay the expense for your treatment. Now, you may wonder why you should pay for insurance if it is the case. My personal suggestion would be, always prevention is better than the cure. You need to pre-plan your medical bills and health expenses in an insured way. You cannot face an unexpected huge medical cost in your critical situations of life. Therefore, it is better to choose a health insurance.

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