How Does a Platform Bed Support Natural Sleep?


As we get older; 8 hours of sleep becomes harder to come by. Stress, minor and major health problems, our mobile phones; all of these keep us from getting the rest our body needs. Under such circumstances; consumers are increasingly spending good money on mattresses, pillows, bed linen and beds themselves. When shopping for the best sleeping gear; consumers find themselves asking a wide range of questions before making a purchase. One of these questions is “How Do Platform Beds Work for Natural Sleep?” This blog aims to satisfactorily answer that question. Read further to know more.


The distinction between Platform Beds and Regular Beds

To better understand how platform beds aid in natural sleep; one needs an accurate idea of what a platform bed actually is and how it can be distinguished from a regular bed. The primary factor that sets the platform bed apart is the fact that this variation of beds can be best described as a bed frame. This frame consists of a headboard and a footboard with wooden slats that run from side to side along the skeletal frame of the bed. Very much unlike a traditional bed; a platform bed doesn’t require additional box springs to support a mattress; these wooden slants do the job just fine.

How Does a Platform Bed support Natural Sleep?

Understanding the nature of platform beds and the distinction between this simple bed frame and traditional beds brings us to the question at hand; how does a platform bed support natural sleep?


The answer to this question lies in the fact that this simple bed frame provides better support for your back than a traditional bed with a box spring. It is important to understand that a box spring gives an amount of spring to an otherwise firm mattress while holding up the mattress at the same time. Its primary function is to serve as the foundation for the mattress to rest on. However; as times goes by; these springs tend to bend and sag and automatically affect the proper functioning of a box spring. This results in poor support for your back and the financial strain of replacing your box spring every few years.

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On the other hand; a firm mattress goes directly on top of the bed frame of the platform bed. No box spring or support needed. The wooden slats of this bed frame serve as primary and effective support for the mattress. The back is better supported and anyone can benefit from sleeping on a firm surface which simulates natural sleep as close as possible.

The fact that the platform bed is generally slightly elevated and allows you to sleep close to the ground beneath you is an effective simulation of natural sleep. This simple frame simply cannot be taken for granted or underestimated as its non-complex structure and appearance is the reason for a firm and dependable sleeping surface. All in all; a platform bed supports and simulates natural sleep in more ways than one.