Personalized Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

According to recent statistics, autism spectrum disorder affects about two percent of all eight years old children. If you or your child live in San Diego, autism treatment provided by the team at MindSet is on the leading edge. The experienced psychiatrists and neuroscientists use the personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS®) to restore the disrupted brainwaves into a balanced state. This leads to normalization of the nerve activity and improvement of autism symptoms. To know more about the ability of PrTMS® in treating autism, call or schedule an appointment online with the MindSet office in San Diego.

What Is Autism?

ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a neuro and developmental disorder categorized by a range of symptoms that appear during early childhood and continue throughout adult life. Although ASD comes with diverse abilities, every autism patient possesses three critical problems: repetitive behavior patterns, difficulty in socializing and communicating, and restrictive activities and interests. The nature and severity of these symptoms vary from one autistic person to another.

What Are The Early Symptoms For Children With Autism?

Children with autism often possess sensory processing disorders. This makes them hypersensitive to odors, lights, sounds, and temperature. In terms of socialization or communication, some of the signs of autism include playing alone, making little or no eye contact, lacking to respond to their names, and talking about their particular interests only. Additionally, signs of repetitive and restrictive behavior include watching the same video repeatedly, showing undivided attention to one object or toy, performing the same motion repeatedly, and being upset at a change of their regular schedule. MindSet provides you with an innovative treatment plan aimed at elevating your autism symptoms.

How Does TMS Help In Treating Autism?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a medical technique that uses magnetic impulses to stimulate the brain’s nerve activity. When repeatedly applied to the brain, TMS has been proven to produce long-lasting changes in the nervous electrical activity, replicated in brainwaves. It is currently sanctioned by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat psychological health conditions. According to scientific studies, people with autism have varying brainwave patterns that are notable compared to those without autism. As TMS helps restore brain and nerve activity to normal levels, studies suggest it may enhance autistic symptoms such as repetitive behaviors, attention, and information processing.

What Should You Expect During PrTMS® Treatment?

When you go for a PrTMS® treatment, you just need to relax in a chair for about thirty minutes. The doctor places the TMS machine next to your head, which is then activated to send magnetic waves into the targeted brain session efficiently. The TMS devices normally produce a clicking sound when operating. Hence, the specialists at MindSet function closely with families and the children to ensure they are prepared for any sensation and sound during the procedure. To produce long-lasting results, patients should be ready to attend five sessions every week for six to eight weeks.

To sum up, you don’t have to struggle with autism quietly. The team of psychiatrists and neuroscientists at MindSet provides you with a new and innovative PrTMS® autism treatment that has been proven to improve autism symptoms significantly. To learn more about the potential of this treatment, call MindSet, or book an appointment online.