Vital tips to follow before attending an online therapy session


Are you someone who has been preparing yourself for an online therapy session? Have you been suffering from different mental health issues due to which you have decided to seek help an online therapist? People often ask professionals about different advices and tips which they should follow in order to succeed with an online therapy session. If you seek help of online resources like, there are few general things that you should keep in mind. Remembering certain things will have a positive impact on the provider and the therapist.


We have listed a few things that you need to keep in mind when you’re seeking help of an online counselor. Read on to know about them and follow them in order to make the procedure easy and successful.

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#1: Join the session ahead of time

Make sure you get plenty of time to set yourself up by joining the session 5-10 minutes ahead of time, in case that is possible for you. This will let you get settled and sift through the steps that you need to take with setting up the connection in a pretty relaxed manner as this is better than running late and not ending up properly.


#2: Sit quietly

Make sure you sit down quietly in a room with your headphones on so that you can concentrate on the clients rather than what is happening all around you.

#3: Let in enough light inside your room

When you’re seated in the room, make sure you turn the lamp and the overhead light to make sure there is sufficient natural light coming from the window. This will make sure that your client can focus entirely on you and also listed carefully to what you’re speaking with him.

#4: Sit in front of the camera


Make sure you position yourself at the center of the camera and look straight towards it. This is rather tough when most of the cameras are placed at the top of the screen display. Being able to make eye contact with your clients is something that you will definitely want.

#5: Mute your mobile phone

If you want to pay undivided attention to what the counselor is telling you, you have to mute your cell phone so that there’s no sound that can disturb you. In the middle of the conversation, if there is a ringing cell phone, this is a big distraction which you should avoid.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of seeking help of an online therapy session, brace yourself by following the above listed steps so that you can get the best results.