Why You Need a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

As per the report of Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there have been 385,221 vehicle collisions in 2018. This figure has continued to increase from 2010, including Stockbridge, GA. Such accidents can happen each day for several reasons, involving speeding, driving under the influence, especially with the population growth as more people move into the Eagle’s Landing area.

Anybody who has been in a traffic accident in Stockbridge, GA, understands that the effects will remain long after the incident as there are many coverage forms to fill out, repair work, rental car companies to negotiate with. Did you have a minor fender-bender on your way to the Sounds of Summer concert series? No matter how small the incident, it may cause serious injury to drivers and pedestrians.

It’s easy to brush off this suffering as something that will disappear by itself magically, but if it doesn’t, it may be time to meet with a chiropractor in Stockbridge GA.


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Common Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash is among the most common ailments incurred during automobile accidents — and sometimes, one of the most complicated to handle. About 300,000 whiplash injuries happen every year in the USA, and most are even at low speeds. It only requires a 2.5-mile-per-hour shift of velocity to damage the neck, and for a busy city of 30,000 people, Stockbridge, GA, is not excluded.

When the body is shaken back and forth outside its normal ranges, micro-tears may form in the underlying ligaments. However, most crash victims recognize no discomfort at first. It’s not until the swelling of the micro-tears that the signs start, such as

  • Neck pain and swelling
  • Restricted neck motion
  • Loss of neck mobility
  • Migraines, usually starting at the back of the skull.
  • Tenderness or soreness in the arm, back, and shoulders

Soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash may take some time to recover fully. Another study revealed that over 70% of people visiting the emergency department following a car accident is Stockbridge, GA were still in pain even after a month later. Many studies also reported that almost half of whiplash patients continue to endure complications three months later, whereas 25% stay symptomatic for six months.

Without adequate treatment, certain conditions can inevitably cause debilitating pain for years to come. When soft tissue injuries recover, scar tissue develops. When the spine is not adjusted, and the full range of mobility is not restored before scarring, it might hinder proper functioning and even contribute to spinal degeneration.

How does Chiropractic Treatment help?

Chiropractic treatment helps relieve neck and back problems without pharmaceutical help, and a chiropractic specialist is best positioned to support auto accident patients to escape the prescription medication cycle.


Using a range of medication-free methods, from spinal modifications and electrical muscle relaxation and rehabilitative techniques, chiropractors can diagnose and treat pain. It arises at the least expected times, and a chiropractor in Stockbridge, GA, will assess it and test whether the condition will improve from chiropractic treatment or will require medical intervention. Diagnosis usually involves a medical background and a physical examination along with the required x-rays to assess the severity of the injury. Afterward, a chiropractor can prescribe a course of treatment centered around the patient’s condition and the current physical condition.

Relieve discomfort

A sudden movement in a crash could do severe damage to your musculature. The muscular pressure that results may cause severe discomfort by itself, and it could also cause significant migraines and even chronic headaches. Trauma in the head, to a certain degree, will keep you from having a happy and fulfilling life.

A chiropractor may adjust the spinal column to help mitigate the relief of strained muscle fibers and fascia arising from traumatic injuries. Most of the time, chiropractors in Stockbridge, GA, consult alongside allied medical professionals, including licensed physical therapists. Massage, or spinal corrections, could have an immediate effect on your pain scale, and one session enough could enhance your pain response that can last for several days.

Restore mobility

Individuals with muscular pain, nausea, cluster headaches, and reduced coordination can suffer from excessively strained tissue if it’s not whiplash. When people go through an injury, the body systems will compensate for that pain. Sadly, the processes the body makes to shield itself from harm might make matters worse.

The muscles might become rigid to protect the wounded region. This discomfort can last indefinitely and cause immense pain in your back, arms, spine, and head. It could also affect your ability to eat, function, and take care of yourself and other people.


Conventional medical practitioners in Stockbridge would address the problems induced by anxiety by administering a mixture of prescription medication and strong painkillers. To sustain your everyday life, you can easily rely heavily on these drugs. They will not provide actual healing from your ailments. The constant strain of your muscle fibers is probably due to an inaccurate alignment. Unless you fix the underlying concern, the tension and soreness will still come back once the drug wears off.

Long-term recovery

The violent movement of your car may also damage the spinal positioning. An incorrectly positioned spine can cause discomfort and even chronic pain. It could also worsen complications with your muscles by placing an abnormal or inappropriate weight on your backbone.

Chiropractors may help resolve this discomfort and even fix it fully by trying to fine-tune the spine. Addressing a poorly aligned spinal column helps remove the strain from your joints and provides the body a chance to recover from the damage. Unlike pain killers, which only offer short-term relief for the health problems associated with whiplash or other back injuries, chiropractic manipulation may deliver long-term healing for clients.

Visiting a chiropractor in Stockbridge, GA, as early as possible after a car accident, will increase the chances of the victim healing completely — without the use of prescription medications. It’s essential to deal with an established car accident chiropractor who knows the nature of the injuries. Ideally, you want a healthcare professional who has helped people heal from soft tissue injuries and suffering that may linger for several months following a crash.