Low Carbohydrate Diet – What To Eat?


Carbohydrates also referred to as carbs, sugars, or starches. It is a bio-molecule element with a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. To be frank, the human body mass almost filled with a mixture of 6 elements (Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, and Phosphorus) among those 3 provided by the carbohydrate.


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Carbs act as the main source of energy and carbs found largely in the variety of natural and processed foods.  In order to live a healthy life, the types of carbohydrates present in the diet are more important than the number of carbohydrates in the diet.

low carbohydrate diet


Basically, 3 types of carbohydrates are pretty important for human energy and their presence in the diet is a must.

  • Sugars
  • Starches
  • Fiber

High and Low – Quality Carbohydrates

The presences of carbohydrates in naturally occurred foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and so are the high-quality carbohydrates. The presence of carbs in processed foods are known as low-quality carbohydrates. Because processed foods are often lacking in the number of nutrients and other vitamins are lower than the amount gained from natural foods.

In fact, the processed foods often coated with sugar, fat, and sodium with a certain ratio for boosting the tastes of the foods. Natural foods like white bread, baked goods, and sweetened beverages will fall into the processed food category.

What is a Low-Carb Diet?

As mentioned above, a low-carb diet is a diet having a low amount of carbohydrates. LCHF (Low-Carb High-Fat) diet or Keto/Ketogenic diet are the other names for a low-carb diet. Low-carb diets are highly recommended for losing excessive weight and to stay healthier. Over the decades the low-carb diets are in practice.

For people who are looking to achieve fitness goals in their life, this low-carb diet is a pretty handful.

A low-carb diet for beginners

The main reason for opting Low-carb diet by many people is to balance and stabilize the levels of fats in their body. As the low-carb diet keeps away the sugar and starches the presence of blood glucose will utilize promptly owing to that the excessive storage of fat hormones will get drops and leads to weight loss.


low carbohydrate diet

For the beginners of the low-carb diet, experts suggest to eat only when hungry and eat until felt like satisfied.  At the same time, before getting into the low-carb diet one needs to do few preparation and adaptation. In addition, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and women who breastfeed should not get into a low-carb diet.

Low-carb tips and guides

As the low-carb diet limits, the amount of carbohydrates intake and only focuses on consuming proteins, healthful fats, and vegetables many people find difficult while staring the low-carb diet.

Here are lists which gives tips and guides to follow for having a low-carb diet

  • Know the foods which are low-carb
  • Aware the Carb Counts upon the sizes of foods
  • Have a proper meal plan and preparation
  • Always prefer low-carb snacks and it’s better to carry
  • Must have the knowledge of alternative low-carb foods
  • Do essential physical activities like exercising on a regular basis

Low-carb foods list


Below illustrate table gives a detailed list of foods of the low-carb diet

S.No Types Foods to Eat
1. Meat Beef, pork, lamb, game, poultry, and so
2. Fish and Seafood Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines or herring are great. Avoid taking all types of breading seafood.
3. Eggs Boiled, fried, scrambled, omelets, etc
4. A natural fat, high-fat sauces Butter, Butter Cream, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and so
5. Vegetables All vegetables that grow above grounds like Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, onions, peppers, tomato, etc
6. Dairy Products Real Butter, Cream with 40% fat, Sour Cream, Greek/Turkish Yogurt, and High-Fat Cheeses.
7. Nuts Pecan, Hazelnut, Almond, Walnut, Macadamia, Brazil, Peanut, Pine, Pistachio, and so
8. Berries Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, and so
  • Top 5 Low-carb breakfasts

Breakfast is the most preferred time to consume low-carb foods, here the list of top 5 delicious low-carb breakfast options

  1. Classic Bacon and Eggs
  2. Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat
  3. Boiled Eggs
  4. Salad Sandwiches
  5. Fried Eggs
  • Top 5 Low-carb lunches
  1. Spinach Salad with hot bacon fat dressing
  2. Keto Pizza
  3. Grilled Chicken/ Seafood
  4. Green Onion No-Chile Chicken Enchiladas
  5. Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • Top 5 dinners
  1. Vegetable Salad
  2. Keto Sandwich
  3. Greek Salad
  4. Tuna Salad
  5. Egg-White Omelet

Why Follow a Low-Crab Diet?

A low-carb diet is one among the mandatory do-follow list for people who willing to not get extra fat to store in their body. The myth behind consuming a low-carb diet is to burn the stored excessive fats and attain weight loss quickly.

low carbohydrate diet

Based on the recent studies conducted by the England Journal of Medicine, people who prefer to eat only the low-carb diet achieve weight loss effectively and quickly than the people who prefer to consume a low-fat diet.


Potential benefits of a low-carb diet

  • Reduces blood sugar and insulin needs
  • Improves food craving and appetite
  • Reduces the risk of getting heart diseases
  • Plays a handy role in weight loss
  • Balance the blood pressure level
  • Increases the HDL cholesterol level
  • Effective in treating Epilepsy and other brain conditions
  • Will Won’t give the feel of being in diet
  • Low carb diets are less inflammation
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Boost Energy level
  • Low-carb diets are free from Gas and Bloating
  • Makes people focus better
  • Improves self-esteem

Potential side effects on a low-carb diet

Though the low-carb diet posses high potential benefits on the human body still it has few side effects and flaws. The side effects which may at high risk of getting while having a low-carb diet exist for a few days or up to a few weeks; however, there are medications available that can minimize those side effects.

Here are the lists of few potential side effects of having low-carb diets

  • Low-carb diets mostly cut off healthy and as well as unhealthy carbs by replacing them with high-fat meats, cheese, and poultry.
  • Experts have second opinions like consuming white bread, cookies, baked slices of bread are unhealthy.
  • Consuming the Low-carb diet for the pro-long period might leads to the TOFI effect. Here TOFI (Thin on the Outside But Fat on the Inside)
  • Organs like the brain, kidneys, muscles, and hearts require a high amount of carbs for proper function, low-carb diet will lead to insufficient carbs in the human body.

Bottom Line

Low-carb diets are proven on offering various health benefits, however, proper planning and consuming low-carb die with perfect substitutions would results in better for achieving long-term health goals.

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low carbohydrate diet

On the other hand, health experts and nutritionists strongly suggest people consult with the right physicians before undergoing any low-carb diet. Only the right physicians will pinpoint what lacks in the body and what to take under a low-carb diet in order to balance the body’s nutrient needs.