How to Give a Man a Lingam Massage

Giving your partner a lingam massage is not just an erotic experience that can be fun for both of you; it’s a relaxing session that has been proven to be effective in rapid destressing. While a lot of people may deem it a “quickie,” it’s far more profound than that. This Eastern way of lovemaking utilizes the science of chakras and energies to urge your partner to release accumulated stress, while the masseuse can also gain the benefit of bonding with a sexual partner beyond conventional love making methods. If you’d like to learn more, here’s how you can give a man a lingam massage.

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Lingam Massage

Pick the Right Setting

You don’t have to invest in a pricey massage table for your partner to enjoy his lingam massage. You can give him a massage in the comfort of your bedroom, but make sure to decorate it in a way that makes it more relaxing. Specialists in lingam massage in London recommend the use of crystals and scented candles, while a few drops of essential oils can also do wonders. Crystals can also aid in aligning your partner’s chakras and can be purchased for affordable prices through online stores.

Understand What a Lingam Massage Is

In Tantra, lingam refers to a person’s phallus, and thus the majority of a lingam massage session focuses on massaging the penis. This, of course, should never be confused with your average hand job, as the massage is not about achieving one orgasm. The massage is done quite slowly, and that way, your partner can receive pleasure from multiple orgasms rather than just one quick burst.

Do Not Focus on Just the Genital Area

Your partner should be laid on his stomach completely bare. A lingam massage always starts with massaging legs and thighs before you work your way up. This massage should never begin or solely focus on massaging the genital area. You can start at the ankles, and once you work your way up, spread your partner’s legs and lightly massage the inner thighs. You can then ask your partner to turn over before you can begin massaging the genital area.

Breathing Exercises

Because this massage is mostly about a relaxing experience, and not just about achieving an orgasm, you can talk to your partner in a soothing voice as you massage him. Guide him to utilize breathing exercises to aid in relaxation.

Be Gentle

A lingam massage includes the pubic bone and testicles, which can be massaged gently. Always ask your partner if he’s comfortable, and seek his guidance for the right pressure that works for him. You can start with the areas between his testicles and anus, then continue massaging the testicles when he turns over. You can then work your way up, and focus on the head, which is the most sensitive part of the penis. Never go too fast to prevent your partner from having an early orgasm.

A lingam massage can be an intimate way to destress your partner and bond with him beyond conventional foreplay. Never rush through the massage, and always ease your way into more sensitive parts; this way, you and your partner can gain the energetic benefits of a lingam massage, and effectively relieve any accumulated stress.