Learn about Xanax – Dosage – Side Effects – Warnings and Usage

An introduction to Xanax

Xanax is considered as the most common medication for treating the social anxiety disorders, panic attacks or disorders. In the marketplace, the medicine is accessible under different names including, Benzodiazepine and Alprazolam. Since the year 2010, Xanax in the United States and other parts of the world considered among top ten prescribed medications for panic disorders.

What for Xanax is used?

Xanax belongs to the group of Benzodiazepines medicine because to provide some calming effects it act on the nervous system and brain. It is used to manage the symptoms of behavioural disorders in an efficient manner. Therefore, it is primarily used for treating the anxiety and panic disorders. In the brain, Xanax boosts the activities of GABA chemicals in the brain. GABA compounds are basically a natural substance that offers calming effects on traumatised area of our brain or Central Nervous System.

The Xanax treats any anxiety caused due to depression, stress and panic disorders.

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What is the composition of Xanax?

Xanax is the combination anti-convulsants, sedative substances and anxiolytic. The medication also contains some amnestic capabilities and hypnotic relaxants for skeletal muscles. The drug is available in compressed tablet form as well as can be administered in oral form. A fast action or improvement is reflected in the consumption of the medication on anxiety and disorder. However, there is a significant percentage of people who abuse the use of the medication.

The Xanax Dosage

Like other medications the dosage of Xanax also depends on the condition from which an individual is suffering as well as age and medical history.

For depression, Xanax in an oral concentration of 0.5 mg is recommended three times a day. Also, if there is a need, then this dosage can be increased to 1mg in a day. In some studies, it is also mentioned that in the case of severe depression people also take 4.5 mg in a day but in divided dosage.

For panic disorder, adults between the age of 18 years and 65 years start on the initial dose of 0.5 mg three times a day. Further, the dose can increase in every four days depending upon patient’s tolerance level and the need for it. To treat the anxiety symptoms, the initial dose is between 0.25mg and 0.5mg three times a day. If the patient can tolerate efficiently, then this dose level can increase in every 3—4 days.

For Geriatric complications, the dose of 0.25mg is recommended three times a day as an immediate release. The same level of treatment is suggested in elderly patients, and it can be further increased if needed. To monitor the recovery of the patients from symptoms of anxiety, depression and geriatric conditions the maintenance dose and extended release tablets of Xanax is suggested. Also, the Xanax high dosage can cause severe health issues.


There is full range of warnings comes with the prescription of Xanax, these includes following:

Giving or selling away Xanax is prohibited by the law.

Xanax bars must be swallowed as a whole; you can crush or chew the Xanax tablets.

– Two days after taking the Xanax medication you feel no relief in your anxiety and depression symptoms then call the doctor immediately.

– Do not abruptly stop using the Xanax, doing so can let you are experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Make sure you consult your physician to find the safer ways to stop using the medication.

– You must be aware of the amount you used from your Xanax prescribed quota as it can be abused easily. Also, try to keep the count check of tablets in Xanax bottle.

– Store the Xanax bar and Xanax tablets at room temperature only and keep them away from sunlight and moisture.

– If you use the Xanax as long term treatment for anxiety or depression, then go for the medical tests for sure.

– Never share your Xanax medication with anyone because it is a prescribed medicine and sharing can be lethal with the one who has a history of medicine abuse.

– If you are pregnant or breastfeeding never, use the Xanax as it can pass to the baby through breast milk and is responsible for causing certain birth defects. Even some residues of the medication can put the baby at risk.

– If an individual is suffering from any disorder like narrow-angle glaucoma Xanax should be avoided. Also, people who are allergic to medications like Serax, Valium and Tranxene must prevent the consumption of Xanax.

-If an individual is suffering from breathing disorder or asthma, Kidney and liver disorder then also Xanax should not be consumed.

– To avoid other minor side effects one should not take the Xanax with Grapefruit and Alcohol.

These warnings are quite useful to learn, and one must pay attention to them while on the Xanax medication to avoid any life-threatening scenario.

What are the Xanax Side effects?

Commonly the recommended dosage of Xanax is between 0.2mg and 4mg. As such small doses, mild side effects are reported. However, if Xanax is consumed at higher dose or abused then sure aggravated and mild side effects of Xanax may observed including following:

– Agitation

– Confusion

– Depression with thoughts of suicide

– Hostile behaviours to some extent and hallucinations

– Racing thoughts and unusual, risky behaviour and increased energy

– Pounding heartbeats of increased rate

– Seizures, Tremors and uncontrollable movement in the muscles

–  Elderly patients who take excess dose of Xanax pertain to accidental falls commonly

– Continuous drowsiness and fatigue

– Imbalance body movements slurred speech or lack of control

– Feeling anxious and memory loss especially during morning hours

If you notice the aggravated Xanax side effects such as swelling in some parts of your tongue, face, hives, lips immediately consult your doctor or difficulty in breathing.

It is quite common that Xanax user becomes addicted to the medication if even a slight dose amount gets increased than the prescribed value. Therefore, it is suggested to consult the doctor when there is no improvement even after the few days of taking the Xanax medication.