Kratom High – Everything you Need to Know

Kratom is a Southeast Asian plant used for therapeutic purposes there and now in the West, too. The drug has a similar effect to opiates and is taken as a painkiller, stress reliever, anxiolytic, natural sleeping agent and as a treatment option to combat opioid drug addiction. However, user experiences with kratom often involve euphoria, which some have harnessed for recreational reasons. Different veins of kratom produce a different type of high.

This post on the kratom will cover:

  • Kratom’s effect on the body
  • The two types of kratom high
  • The best way to get high on kratom
  • Kratom addiction risks
  • Staying safe with kratom

If kratom interests you, or you simply want to learn more about the effects of various kratom products, read on!

What is kratom and how does it work? 

Kratom (mitragynaspeciosa) is a coffee family plant that has a long, and somewhat controversial history of use in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other nations in Southeast Asia. The plant is popular among manual laborers for its stimulating and analgesic properties, which makes it possible to work hard, keep focused, and not get fatigued. However, these countries have also had issues with abuse. Kratom is banned in Malaysia and was prohibited in Thailand until 2018, before being legalized for medicinal reasons.

Kratom works like an opiate because of how its main compounds – alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG) – bind with mu-opioid receptors. These alkaloids are weaker agonists of opioid receptors than synthetic opioid drugs, but they still offer potent pain relief for kratom users, especially in high doses. Kratom contains other alkaloids and flavonoids, the vast majority of which have not been studied extensively.

Getting high on kratom

Kratom strains get the user high in two key ways. There is the classic, relaxing opiate-style high, and then a mind-racing euphoric high. Kratom is not unlike cannabis in that there are two highs to experience from the drug. Low doses are associated with increased energy, pain relief, endorphin release, antidepressant effects, and mental clarity. Higher doses have several of these qualities, but the mental clarity and energy boost are swapped for more sedation.

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If planning on taking kratom to get ‘high’, your circumstances will determine the vein you want. For daytime use, the energizing euphoria of white vein kratom is better; in the evenings, the deeper, opiate-like euphoria of red vein kratom may be more enjoyable.

Best kratom strain for an opiate high 

Red is the best selling vein of kratom and is really popular because of the strong, analgesic effects, that many find more sustainable than prescribed pain medications. In general, the red vein kratom high is relaxing and will dissolve any stresses and anxieties. The total calm from one of these strains will allow you to forget about what’s going on around you for a few hours.

Red Bali 

Red Bali is a favorite of kratom connoisseurs. This strain has long been used to relieve pain and is renowned for having longer-lasting effects than many other kratoms. The high from Bali kratom tends to be very consistent, as well. The mood-enhancing and anti-anxiety properties of this kratom make it great when you want to wind down for the evening, and get a little “high”. Red Bali may not be the best strain for a first-timer, and novices should stick to a dosage below 2 grams.

Red Borneo

Red Borneo is a wonderful kratom strain that allows you to get ‘high’ and ‘euphoric’, in a calm and peaceful manner. There’s even a version called ultra-enhanced Red Borneo, which is twice as strong, thanks to the greater plant alkaloid concentration. Red Borneo Kratom is a good introduction to the kratom high, although you should take no more than a couple of grams the first time around – and half that if using an ultra-enhanced product. Red Borneo is a nice strain if you want a drug that doubles up as a painkiller and euphoria-inducer. You can learn more about it by trying it out and noticing a sudden shift in your lifestyle.

Other red veins to keep an eye out for include Indo kratom strains, and Sumatra. Kali kratom effects are also much-loved, for their enduring, and sedative qualities. The high from obtained from Red Maeng Da is unusual, in that higher doses are heavily sedating, while low amounts bring about a spike in energy levels.

Best kratom strain for a euphoric high

The more excitable euphoric high from white vein kratom is certainly not for everybody. As it makes the mind more active, those predisposed to anxiety and paranoia may find their disorders temporarily worsened by this type of kratom. Moreover, those who either have or at risk of mental illness should be wary about taking a drug that has such profound, and not well-understood neurological effects.

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But most people who use kratom will be perfectly fine with white vein strains and love the steady, euphoric rush they bring. We’ll list some kratom precautions to take at the end of the post, but most potential problems are solved simply by starting with a lower dose. Don’t run before you can walk!

White Bali 

This is a fairly standard white Bali kratom, that delivers a big mental and physical energy boost that helps bust fatigue and clears away any cognitive cobwebs. A regular dose of White Bali isn’t overwhelming, but plenty stimulating enough to get you ready and in good spirits for the day. The rush from White Bali is smooth and is even calming to an extent. Read more to know about White Bali Kratom’s impact on reducing anxiety and why it is the ultimate solution to mental health issues.

White Maeng Da

If even Red Maeng Da is stimulating, then no prizes for guessing just what White Maeng Da is capable of. This is perhaps the most energizing of all kratom strains, and therefore is not for beginners. High-class White Maeng Da will give you a physical energy surge, a concentration boost, and have a delightful mood-enhancing effect to put you in a better frame of mind about life. Higher doses of this strain are required to get the really intense, euphoric rush it’s famous for.

Because White Maeng Da is so strong, some low-quality kratom companies may try to mix multiple strains together and pass it off as a genuine product. That’s why it’s critical to confirm brand authenticity before making a purchase.

White Borneo

White Borneo comes straight from the jungle and is sure to leave you impressed. This strain produces a little more pain relief and sedation than most whites, but this doesn’t compromise the pleasant stimulating effects. It’s the best of both with a white vein strain. White Borneo is therefore effective as a nootropic and will get your mind whirring. You’ll feel more focussed and ready for a mental challenge after a dose of this.

White Horn 

White Horn kratom is a bit different, not because of where it’s grown but because of the leaves themselves. The ‘horn’ name comes from the ‘horned’ shape of these kratom leaf edges. Horned strain effects are similar to those of any corresponding red, green, or white vein strain. White Horn is also available in an ultra-enhanced version. This strain offers a beautiful cocktail of stimulation, euphoria, mental clarity, and works as an all-round mood enhancer.

How to get high on kratom 

After deciding on a strain, your next choice is how you want to consume your preferred kratom. Some consumption methods are more convenient, others are more efficient in terms of how the effects are administered. Some also do a better job of masking the bitter kratom flavor than others. There are several ways to take kratom, such as chewing leaves or adding kratom paste into food recipes, but these are the key three.

Kratom powder 

All types of kratom are sold in powder form, which is made by crushing up kratom leaves. The powder is popular as the effects are felt really quickly. In the case of euphoria, this means a more instant rush. Kratom powder is often consumed via ‘toss and wash’. This quick and easy method involves scooping a kratom dose into your mouth, before swilling and washing it down with water. The only downsides to this approach are the bitter taste and the slight absence of dosage consistency.

Kratom capsules 

The kratom pills high is not as rapid as with powder, but the effects are more elongated. In this sense, capsules deliver an edible-like high. Kratom pills neutralize the bitter extract, and you know exactly how much kratom you’re taking – this is critical if using kratom recreationally. Some users have problems with kratom capsules if they are too big, especially since a few are often needed. Capsules are good, therefore, if you need to learn how much kratom gets you high.

Kratom tea 

Kratom tea is the traditional way of enjoying kratom, and there are three ways to go about it. Get really traditional by boiling up kratom leaves for 20 minutes, and then drinking the residual water. Or perhaps you’d rather a more instant tea, which is made by adding and stirring powder into a cup of boiling water. You could even go for kratom tea bags. However you make kratom tea, this approach ensures you aren’t left waiting for the benefits.

Can you get addicted to kratom? 

The addiction risk of kratom is much lower than that of opioids, but there is still a danger of addiction and kratom withdrawal symptoms. The abuse potential is why the United States’ DEA has previously looked at banning the drug, as some other countries have done. Kratom can be physically and psychologically addictive because of how alkaloids engage with opioid receptors. However, kratom is not as addictive as these drugs, hence why it is used to wean people off opioids. Much comes down to how you use kratom, and being responsible for the drug. This could apply to any substance, including alcohol.

Side effects of kratom 

Kratom side effects include anxiety and paranoia with white vein strains. Kratom occasionally causes nausea, constipation, dry mouth, delusions and hallucinations, and tongue numbness. More severe possible symptoms include thyroid problems, liver damage, and seizures. In a few rare cases, kratom has been linked to death, likely through overdoses. This again stresses how important it is to use kratom responsibly.

Staying safe with kratom 

Recreational users may want to take the drug with a ‘sitter’ on the first occasion, who doesn’t partake. They can be there for comfort and to take control of the situation should you experience any problems while under the influence. Taking kratom in a comfortable environment with people you trust is also conducive to a good experience.