How to Know if the Supplements You’re Taking Are Working

If you started taking supplements for whatever reason, be it health, performance in the gym, or something entirely different – you are probably wondering how you can know if they are having the intended effect. You might have more energy than usual, or you are noticing that you sleep better, but you are not sure whether you’re being duped by a placebo effect.

We agree that it can often be difficult to determine if your supplements are working, but, the suggestions you will find below might be the solution. In this article, we are going to talk about different ways in which you can figure out if your supplements are helping you, more specifically – regarding performance in the gym.


Keeping A Supplement Journal Helps

So, it’s important to start keeping track even before you have started taking the supplements in question. How are you performing in the gym regarding stamina, exhaustion, number of reps per different exercises? All of these are the key parameters that you want to track as you continue to take supplements.

Relevant Factors Depend On The Type Of Supplement

Of course, the results that you can expect vary depending on the supplements that you are taking. As experts on gym performance-boosting supplements over at NatuRoids explain, if you happen to be using supplements based on ecdysterone and leucine, you probably aren’t going to see an extremely big change regarding your stamina, but you should expect to see significant progress regarding your overall muscle mass. So, that should be the primary factor that you are keeping track of.

Be Sure To Review The Results Regularly

This will help you keep track of the things that might have affected the influence of supplements on your body, and the effect of the supplements themselves. Review what you have written down after a few weeks in order to determine whether the supplements are working for you or not.

Take Pictures!

The easiest way for you to keep track of significant changes is to have a visual parameter that you are tracking. Unlike with the supplement journal, you shouldn’t take pictures all that regularly. The main reason for that is the fact that visuals can easily deceive us, especially if you have too many insignificant photo samples to compare.

So, take a picture every two weeks or so, this will leave enough time for any significant progress to be made.

Are You Experiencing A Placebo Effect?

If you have followed all the questions mentioned above, and have done so for quite some time – you will surely have collected enough empirical data in order to determine whether you are experiencing the placebo effect or not. While it can trick us if we are relying only on memories and emotions, statistics don’t lie.

After some time of taking the supplements, surely there will be some changes that you were able to track, and depending on the numbers – you will surely be able to deduct whether the supplements you are taking actually are working.

In the end, it all comes down to being observant and well organized. So, be sure to keep track of all the relevant parameters and do so every day – and you will easily be able to spot any signs of progress.

Don’t be disappointed if the results don’t show as planned, the road to finding what works for you best is filled with trial and error. But with enough vigilance and good lifestyle choices, you will surely get there in no time.